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Welcome to GirlMogul.com a safe and secure site for tween girls.  GirlMogul.com is an online community site for tween girls, featuring our deluxe girl power kits as well as a girl power blog featuring the GirlMoguls.

We’re dedicated to encouraging your daughter’s success. We provide age appropriate, smart and witty content for girls to encourage them to dream big and reach for the stars.  We believe intelligent ideas for tweens. GirlMogul.com features girl power content, games, quizzes, contests DIY Projects and book clubs.  The GirlMogul.com site features the four GirlMogul characters – scholar Rose, techie Daisy, scientist Poppy and go-getter Lily, as online guides and community leaders.  You can Read More About Them Here.

The GirlMogul Manifesto for Parents
— So you’re the parent of a tween girl?  Why is that a big deal?  Read why we think it is here.

The GirlMogul Girl Power Manifesto – So you’re a tween girl – why is that a big deal?  Read why here….

Our History

AndreaSteinWebGirlMogul.com was founded by Andrea Stein in 2007 as a girl power apparel and t-shirt company.  She woke up one morning and realized while there were plenty of future princess and future diva t-shirts, there were no future CEO or future leaders of the world t-shirts…so she created some, featuring the GirlMogul characters.   After a while, Andrea started a blog featuring the characters.  Soon the blog became pretty popular, and GirlMogul morphed from a t-shirt company to a media and community company.  You can still buy girl power t-shirts through our Zazzle store.

Currently, Andrea Stein is the author of Girl Power Rules – an ebook and is working to develop a print magazine – GirlMogul Magazine and is working on the first fiction book featuring the GirlMogul characters.

We have GirlPower Clubs –  you can find out more about joining here

The GirlMogul’s Insider Club is led by 4 (fictional) characters – the GirlMoguls. You can read more about them here.

Read our safety policy here – cybersafety

An Update on GirlMogul Magazine:

We’re currently working on turning our cyberworld into a print magazine.  We’re still working on our first issue, but if you were one of our early subscribers we want to to apologize for any delay in receiving your subscription.  Since our publishers were late in releasing the magazine, they are offering a free subscription to all Girl Mogul members that ordered early.  Please contact Erica Paul directly for a refund of your subscription and confirm that you will be receiving your one year free subscription. Erica can be reached at erica@ardenpublishing.com.

In the meantime, we are quite excited to have Girl Mogul Magazine launching very soon.

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