GirlMogul Media is a content creation studio that’s all about bringing stories to life. As an avid reader I was pretty sure there was only one job I was meant to do – be a writer. After working and working on my stories and trying to get published in the trad way, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Good thing this was right around the time the Amazon Kindle burst onto the scene and all of sudden, creating my own publishing company didn’t seem so crazy.

GirlMogul Media focuses on every aspect of the indie publishers timeline, from story development, to first draft editing to pre-pub editing, to book formatting, cover design and publishing. From there we work to develop reader engagement and marketing plans using social media and paid advertising to build viable careers for authors.


To see if we can help each other, please feel free to reach me at andrea@girlmogul.com.

To check out my own story creation, please see Рdreastein.com, https://www.facebook.com/DreaSteinAuthor/ or Amazon.com/DreaStein

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