The GirlMogul Manifesto for Parents

Girl Power for Today’s Tweens….that’s our motto at, an online community decdicated to encourgaing tweens to light up their girl power.  But you may be wondering just what that means.  I mean, what is a GirlMogul?  What is a tween?  And why does a tween need girl power?

Well, first tweens are a relatively new age group definition of children ages 9-12 – too old to be kids, but too young to teenagers – sometimes also known as pre-teens.  The tween years are a key time period in a girl’s development.  She’s pretty sure she’s no longer a princess, but still trying to figure out how to be more “grown up” – while at the same time, as a parent, you’re trying to make sure she doesn’t grow up too fast.  After all, you might let her wear lip gloss but you’re not ready for her to start locking lips with anyone anytime soon.

The middle school years are critical period that will affect your daughter’s future – it’s at this age when girls start to lose interest in subjects like math and science, when they start playing “dumb” so as to not stand out from the crowd.  Research has also shown the things like eating disorders and body image problems are starting earlier and earlier.  Not to mention that puberty – welcomed by some and dreaded by others, begins.  In other words – you need to make sure your tween girl has excellent self-esteem and a solid sense of self before heading out into the teenage world.

And that’s where GirlMogul Media comes in.   At GirlMogul we believe that tweendom is a wonderful, magical, sometime rocky place where positive influences can have a lasting effect and provide with rock self confidence and self esteem that will turn them into the leaders – not the divas – of tomorrow, whether its as a scientist researching a cure for cancer, a writer, an artist, a CEO, a diplomat or a mother, you name it, women are doing it all.  And behind every great woman is the memory of her experiences as a tween girl.

At GirlMogul Media we created the GirlMogul characters and adventure series to provide a role models for tweens.  These characters have a secret life – but instead of moonlighting as rock stars, they’re making a difference in their community, exploring different cultures and using their brains, talents and friendships to solve problems.  In some ways their just ordinary girls – no super powers, no secret relationships to kings or queens.  They live firmly in today’s world and use technology, know how and inspiration to get things done – especially when they work together.  The site supports the GirlMogul books with constantly updated posts on fun tween friendly subjects – like weird science, wacky news, current events, crafts for tweens, Best Friend drama and How to deal tips.  It’s a safe, secure online community where tweens can be inspired, win cool things and interact, in our virtual lounge, with other like-minded gals.

Whether your tween girl dreams of being a scientist, a CEO or a Leader of Free World, GirlMogul believes in her girl power and her ability to dream big and reach for the stars.  So sign your tween daughter up today for our free Girl Power Club – she’ll have full access to the site, be the first to hear about our awesome giveaways and contests, be able to join our virtual lounge and share in the adventures of the GirlMoguls on a daily basis.
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