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What’s the New Trend for the Fall Face? Face Care is In!

Take care of those smackers
Take care of those smackers
It’s Daisy here, reporting as your Reluctant Fashionista. GirlMoguls, are you wondering what’s “IN” for fall? Wondering what make-up is having the celebrities and make-up artists going this season? Well, with all this concern about aging skin and sun damage, there’s no surprise that newest and most trendy products are not actual make-up, but are face care products!
If you spent time lying out at the beach this summer, then your face took a hit even if you put on sunscreen. Direct sunlight for a prolonged amount of time is damaging even with sunscreen, and even if you’re young like us! So, all the celebs we love are going to back their roots, and sticking to the basics. Pink lips are in this season, so instead slopping on some gross lipstick, go for a light pink lip balm that is super moisturizing. Also, try looking for a lip balm that has some sun block protection, like an SPF of 8. Your lips can suffer from the heat too! I found some really good lip balms that actually work. My favorites are Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers, which are amazingly healing for the lips and come in fun, sheer colors, and Blistex Fruit Smoothies with an SPF of 15. Both are fun, look great, and are good for you. Want another added bonus? They can both be found at your local drug store like CVS or Walgreen’s for under $5! Enjoy GirlMoguls!

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Tell Us…Who Your Favorite Women of History Are

QueenElizabethCoronationHi this post is for the readers of the Mommy Mandy blog. So tell us who your favorite woman in history is and why…Just post in the comment section below…

loganShe can be just about anyone, from Queen Elizabeth I (quite a lady) to Rachel Carson (a groundbreaking environmentalist) to Dr. Myra Adele Logan – the first women to perform open heart surgery. We’re sure your faves will be totally different and ones we haven’t thought of – so go ahead, let your mind wander and tell us who your favorite real-life GirlMogul is….