Summer Pool Fun for Kids Hey GirlMoguls – can you believe that it’s summer time! That means it’s time for some fun pool time.  Remember always be safe – make sure there’s an adult watching you!  But if you’re looking for something besides just swimming check out these fun pool time activities to make the pool even more fun!

  1. Water aerobics – Not just for old ladies.  Get some tunes cranking and try dancing underwater – not only will it be a lot of fun, but you’ll also be exercising in your abs and legs for a little stealthy exercise! 

Water polo – This game is alot of fun and great for when you have a crows. Divide evenly into teams. If you have a new you can set up all the better. If not mark a dividing line along the sides and then try to pass and shoot the ball. Divide into teams. It is great fun to try and swim and get the ball in the goal.

Relay races – This may be one that is best for a larger pool. Divide into teams  and decide how many laps of the pool constitute the race. See who can swim the fastest – girls vs. boys or parents vs. kids.  Prizes optional 🙂

Water basketball – If you have a pool basketball hoop, this game is great fun. Just like water polo, divide into teams. You will have to run in the water and propel yourself upward to reach the basketball hoop. It can be hard work but a lot of fun.

Marco Polo –  This classic never goes out of style!  It’s kind of like the premise of hide and seek. One person counts while the others scatter across the pool. The counter keeps their eyes closed and tries to find the others. When they yell, “Marco” the others yell “Polo” which gives them some idea of which direction to go to tag a person.


01x/21/Diry/15103/08Why is it called Marco Polo? Wonder why the game is  called Marco Polo? Some say it’s because Marco Polo – the famous Renaissance Italian  explorer who discovered – or rather “uncovered” China  – had no idea where he was going when he started out – much like you when you play the game. Another story says it’s because Marco Polo had his eyes cut out by a pirate after a disagreement (must have been some argument!) and  had to use a cane to help him see. When he returned home, the local children made fun of him because he couldn’t see where he was going…Either way – we’re happy you only have to keep your eyes closed to play the game!  No peeking.

So have fun, stay safe and get swimming!

DIY Microbead Manicure is here

Fresh manicure
Picture Courtesy of Flickr My Sweet Bippy Creative Commons

Have you been dying to try a microbead manicure – well then look no further than this cool little tutorial we found – enjoy!

Microbead Manicure Tutorial | Tween Crafts – Connecting Mom and


I stumbled upon the “Caviar Manicure” lately, and knew I had to try my own DIY version. And who better to be my guinea pigs than two tweens who w…


Savign Hannah Hits #1

Hi All GirlMoguls – we just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone – yesterday promoted Saving Hannah or How to Rewrite History and we managed to hit #1 in Children’s eBooks – we hope you all enjoyed reading our adventure – and look forward to the next one – due in February 2012.

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Handmade Greeting Card Ideas

Show Your Creativity with Handmade Greeting Cards

by Mary J. Davis

make you own greeting cardsHave you ever gone shopping for a greeting card for a friend’s birthday, Mother’s Day, or just a friendship card?

Those cards can cost almost as much as a gift. And, of course, they are produced in bunches, so someone else might just buy the same card for your friend or family member.

Here is a way to give one-of-a-kind cards that show you really care.

Folded Paper Cards

  • Find some paper.  You can use construction, printer or scrapbook paper, or even a brown grocery bag.
  • Cut the paper into a rectangle, then fold it in half from side-to-side, then from top to bottom.  The paper will now look like a card.  Match the card up with an envelope that is large enough to hold your card.


The possibilities for decorating your card are endless, seriously!  You can simply use gel pens or lots of different colored markers to make a design on the front of your card.  You can also scout around the house for decorative things like pieces of lace or fabric, old buttons, leftover wrapping paper or scraps of printed wallpaper border.  Use your imagination to cut, arrange and glue the craft materials onto the front of the card.  Then, open the card and write a special message to the person you want to give the card to.

Really Unique Cards

How about making some cards you’d never see on a store shelf?

  • Cut the picture front from a used greeting card.  Write your message on the picture side of the card front.  Then, cut the card into a puzzle to fit into an envelope. Or, you can even cut a photo of you and the person you are making the card for into puzzle shapes.


  • Find an old CD.  Cover the printed side with a circle of paper, and write your message on the paper.  Or, tear different colors of paper into small pieces and glue them onto the printed side of the CD for a neat mosaic.  Write your message on the paper after the glue dries.


Putting the Pieces Together:

Do you have old puzzle pieces cluttering up a drawer?  Put several pieces of the puzzle together.  Cover the assembled piece of puzzle with brush-on or spray-on craft paints.  Let the paint dry, write a message on the puzzle, then take it apart. Put the pieces into an envelope to give or mail.


Craft foam is so easy to work with and make great cards.  Cut a piece of foam to fit in an envelope.  Then, use glitter pens, gel pens, paint or scrap pieces of foam to create a card.


The people you give cards to will know you put a lot of time and effort, and a bit of love into their card.

They will remember your card way longer than those store-bought ones.  Now, how special is that?


About the Author:

These ideas were provided by author Mary J. Davis. Davis is a mother and grandmother who has written many books and articles on fun, family and faith.  Learn more about her great books on