How to Make Friends – Don’t be Shy Look People in the Eye

How to Make Friends
How to Make Friends

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s back to school time and maybe you’re starting a new school – maybe you’ll be going with a group of new friends, or maybe you’re going to walk into class that very first day solo and you’re sweating it – just how are you going to make friends?  Are you worried you’re too shy?  Here are some great tips on how to be friendly:

  1. Don’t stress being shy – after all, everyone, even the most outgoing person, feels shy at times.  All you need to make friends is to get your confidence on  – and you don’t need to show up – just try a simple smile and hello to the kids in your class.  Once you get that down – and get a few smiles and hellos in return your can go for the next step
  2. Strike Up a Conversation – it doesn’t have to be a long one.  You could even script it out in front of your mirror at home.  You could compliment someone’s outfit or accessory, or maybe commiserate about the killer English homework.  A small conversation starter might lead to a longer talk
  3. Get Involved – If you want to make friends, but aren’t sure where to start, consider joining an after school club or class where you’re working on something that interests you – and all the other kids in the club.  It’s a lot easier to bond when you already share some common interests – like saving the whales or drawing comics
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Tween Advice – Is Being the Popular Girl All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

Tween Friend Advice
Tween Friend Advice

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Rose and as back to school time rolls around, you’re probably thinking about, well going back to school. Maybe it’s no big deal to you, or maybe you’re really excited thinking about all the stuff you’re going to learn…or maybe you’re trying to figure out your social strategy?

Huh, social strategy – what’s that? You know what I’m talking about – are you vowing that this is the year you become a popular girl – no matter what? After all you’ve seen girls break into the cool kids club before – and now you want your turn right?

I mean there are some totally awesome benes that go with being cool, like lots of friends, always having boys interested in you, never having to worry about who you’re going to sit at with lunch. Of course the cool girls aren’t really your usual crowd, so it might take some work to become part of it, but it has to be totally worth it?
Well before you decide on your campaign to become part of the cool gang, you need to stop and think about whether it’s really worth it.
There are some bad things about being popular — like maybe having to not be friends with all the girls you used to hang with. Or being the target of rumors just because your popular, or always having to worry about what you say, in case it’s judged as “uncool.” Or having to be mean, just to be popular.
Betcha you didn’t think of all of those things. I mean, even though I was pretty popular at my old school, I never tried to be mean about it – but sometimes I did feel like I couldn’t say what was really on my mind because someone might think it was lame or make fun of me. Now with the other GirlMoguls I feel like I can say whatever I want – and even though they might make fun of me, they won’t think I’m not cool.
Sometimes having real friends is better than striving to be part of the “cool crowd!” So just make sure your social strategy includes being true to your real friends.

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Should You Be Keeping Secrets?

Miley Keeps them, But Should You?
Miley Keeps them, But Should You?

Hey Girls, it Rose here.  I was just thinking about old Hannah’s diary and the really big secret she was forced to keep and it got me thinking about whether keeping secrets is a bad thing.  You know the sitch.  It’s late at night at the sleepover and only you and your friend are still up.  She turns to you and says, I have something to tell you. Your eyes light up ‘cause you know it’s gonna be something good, otherwise, she would have told everyone in broad daylight.   But can you keep a secret – or should you?  I mean what if the secret is a big deal and you feel like your friend is in danger?  Or what if something really embarrassing happened to you and you’re dying to tell someone about it – but how can you be sure the whole school won’t hear about it?

Well, when someone shares a secret with you, you can feel pretty special – after all – you’ve really earned her trust.  And now you might be more willing to tell her one of your secrets.  And you’ll find that sharing makes you two grow closer.   But you need to be careful… When sharing secrets, start small, like maybe admitting how you really want to write a book someday, not about the fact that your parents are fighting all the time and you think they might be getting a divorce.  After your sure that your BFF can keep a secret you can share bigger ones.

But how can you be sure that your secret is leak proof – after all, once you tell someone a secret, it’s really no longer a secret.  Well you’ve gotta to make sure she knows it’s a secret.  If she doesn’t know for sure and word gets out – can you truly blame her for spilling the beans?  But if you told her something is secret and someone the whole world knows about it, well you might want find someone else to share secrets with…

And don’t forget you have to be a good secret keeper too – if you aren’t good at keeping secrets, well then people won’t take your secrets seriously.  Or they’ll stop telling you them totally – and you may ruin your friendships…

But what if you feel you HAVE to spill someone else’s secret.  Stay tuned for what to do when it’s time to spill the beans.

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Should You Forgive Your BFF? – Part 2

best-friends-foreverHey GirlMoguls, it’s Lily again, dishing on the BFF scene.  Did you read my last post where I talked about how my BFF since babyhood Mina totally ditched me for Popular Penny and her crew?  Well she did, and I was totally over it, but then guess what happened….

If you guessed that Popular Penny and her crew were not to be trusted and totally turned on Mina then guess what… you’re right. See that can be the problem with trying to be part of the popular crew –seems like those girls are always getting into fights and drama over silly things – and getting mad at each other.  And saying mean things about everyone else.  And making other people feel bad, just to get a laugh.  If that’s popularity, then I say no thanks.

Well, soon Mina found herself on the outs with Penny and her crew.  She looked really sad and upset hanging around school.  She even texted me a few times but I kinda of ignored her.  Finally she corned me at Candi-A-Rama right by the mini red Swedish fish and asked if we could talk.

Mina apologized to me for ditching me and for not defending me.  Turns out she was trying to get Penny to like her.   Well, duh.  And now she’s seen Penny for who she really is, and doesn’t want to be friends with her.  Of course when I asked a few of my probing questions, it also turns out that Penny doesn’t really want to be friends with her either anymore.

And now Mina wants to be friends with me again…She brought up all the fun stuff we used to do and all the memories we shared  — like the backyard campout where my brother tried to scare us by hooting like an owl.  And other stuff – my heart strings were really tugged.  But I still wasn’t sure.  I mean could I trust Mina?  After all she ditched me once.  And since I stopped hanging out with her I had met lots of other cool girls and we had a lot of fun – and so far very little drama.  I didn’t want to lose all of that just to go back to hanging with Mina 24-7…

So, fellow GirlMoguls – what would you do?  Would you take a friend back after you’d been ditched?  Could you trust her?  Or would you ditch her just like she ditched you?  Let me know what you think…and then I will tell you what I did…

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