Be Courageous…Quote from Anita Roddick

be courageous quote

“Be Courageous. It’s one of the only places left uncrowded.”

– Anita Roddick


be courageous quoteWe think courage only comes when we’re under extreme duress.  Courage under fire, and all that sort of thing.   But courage really means the will to strike out and do something unexpected.  Sometimes it means just doing something a little different, like carving out the time for yourself – whether it’s to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book for pleasure or work on your secret plan for world domination.

So don’t be afraid to strike out on your own, to go to the place that’s uncrowded and that’s uncomfortable – like eating dinner at a restaurant alone, or going to the movies alone.  It’s ok to jump out out of the crowd. Indeed if we are to do something great, or extra ordinary, we have to go to where others aren’t…so don’t be afraid to be out ahead, to try something new, to go find your courage.

What’s your courage…tell us below

Life is What Happens…Quote of the Day

life is what happens while you are making other plans

“Life is What Happens to You When You Are Making Other Plans”

– Betty Talmadge


life is what happens while you are making other plansOh how true that is.  Without a plan for our life we wind up being pushed in many different directions. If we don’t have a clear vision of where we want to go, how are we going to get there.  Now I am not saying that your life needs to be mapped out like a MapQuest direction list, though if it were, I am pretty certain you would have no trouble getting to where you would want to be.

But we should think consciously about where we would like our life to go, otherwise time goes by and we never get there.  Or something happens – a major event that demands our full attention, leaving us no time to plan for ourselves. Or worse yet, our time is cut short.

So how do you plan for your life? You start by thinking and dreaming, asking the big questions…if I could do anything, what would it be…What would a perfect “ordinary” day or “work day” look like?  How much money would I have in bank account?  How would I spend my money besides the day to day to bills?  What would my family look like?  What would I look like?  How would I feel?

At this point, after answering your questions, you have a vision, a vision of your ideal self. Write it down. Find one part of the vision to work on – whether it’s what you do (or don’t do) for a living, or your bank account, or how you feel.  Start with yourself or something you have a lot of control on. If you want a well-organized house, don’t attack the man cave – work on your own area first.

Once you start to change, to be conscious about who you want to be in even one small area, you will find yourself making more conscious, mindful, right decisions for you in other areas.  Slowly or quickly your changes will add up – your plan will take shape and you will move towards your plan…Good luck – and in the comments, tell me some of the visions you have for yourself…

Fame Vs. Success Quote

fame vs. Success quotes

“Don’t confuse fame with success.  Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other.”

– Erma Bombeck


fame vs. Success quotes
Fame vs. Success

The fact is both of these women are famous.  Helen Keller was quite the celebrity in her own right back in the day.  And don’t get me wrong – I think Madonna is extremely talented and I for one found her recent Superbowl performance to be one of the most interesting in quite awhile – All hail Cleopatra…

But of course the takeaway from this quote is that we don’t want to confuse being famous, or chasing fame for true success which is achieving something meaningful and powerful.  Success, or being extra ordinary as we GirlMoguls like to think about it, is not about chasing fame for the sake of being fame -it’s about being good, successful, extraordinary at meaningful things – whether it’s a job, a  passion, being a partner or a mother.

Perhaps we won’t achieve the kind of fame Madonna has or Helen Keller had, but we will known for being successful…success lends a glow, an aura and something irrestible to you.  So chases success, not fame. Fame comes from other people annoiting you – success come from your own acheivement.

So, tell us – what do you want to be successful at?


On the other hand, I’ve never had a problem with striving to be rich…so be sure to check out GirlMogul’s Rich Mama Spending Plan  – A Real Budget for Real People,

Refocus Your Energy on Your Goals

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At GirlMogul we’re big on goals, low on resolutions.  Resolutions are big sweeping statements about what you wish you would happen.  Goals are specific, tactical with a clear end and a timeframe. A resolution is to start a business.  A goal is to select your business name and incorporate it.  Or in another familiar example,  resolution is to lose weight.  A goal is to lose five pounds by January 31st.

Of course to get your goals, there may be a whole host of smaller steps.  After one does not get from no weight loss to five by wishing alone.   Neither does one decide, willy-nilly to pick a business name without checking some crucial steps off of the to-do list.  But as you can see these specific, discrete goals give something to really aim for.  And you can truly celebrate your accomplishments.

I am heading out on vacation next week and I find that this is both good and bad.  I finally have some time to slow down and think. I come back with tons of great ideas, but I also lament how little I have accomplished. Some years, it seems as if I am in the same place I was the year before.

But this year I became super tactical with my goals.  And I have made tremendous progress.  But recently, with the begininng of spring I found my self re-evaluating my goals.  And I urge you to do the same.  Now, I didn’t reverese course or head off in a new direction.

Instead I refined my path, re-defined some priorities, moving one project up on the to-do list.  I also renewed my vow to write down my goals for the next five months every day.  This simple technique is incrediably powerful and it takes but a few mintues. If you do it first thing in the morning you will be crystal clear and focused on what you need to do for the whole day.

It’s an incrediably powerful tool, and I urge you, with the change of seasons, to take the time to recommit to your goals this year. If you had resolutions, then take one and turn it into a goal – perhaps make it smaller or more specific with a short, one or two month timeframe.  Write out the to-do list that will make this happen – maybe it’s five steps.  Write and live these steps for the next 30 days AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS…

Please – tell us about it  – tell us what your goal is and what happens when you write it down every day and FOCUS on it for the next 30 days…