What the World Needs Now – Quote of the Day


“What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork”

~ Pearl Bailey

quote-of-the-day-loveGirlMogul has just declared it no paperwork day…leave off your bills, your computers and your files (for just one day folks) and share some love…

Tell us how it goes….

Dreams Come a Size Too Big – Quote of the Day

“Dreams Come a Size Too Big So We Can Grow into Them.” ~ Josie Bissett (from Melrose Place) – words of wisdom…what’s you dream today?


My dream today — get everywhere on time today….Sell 100 books today…Get to my college reunion…Finalize my new book cover

Quote of the Day – Stuff

Quote about Stuff

“Some of the Most Important Things in Life Aren’t Things.”

~Linda Ellerbee

Quote about StuffThought of the day….And a reminder to stop chasing stuff and start thinking about what really matters.  Have you thought about what you really want from life?  Have you thought about what you really want from your family?

Do you have a family plan – one that lays out whether you’d rather have a swimming pool or a lake house…Or live debt free and send your kids to college?

Time to start planning?



The Future Belongs

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt



Good ole’ Eleanor had it right.  Without dreams, we’d be nowhere, but in truth, dreaming only gets us so far.  You have to couple your dreams – whether it’s the beach house, a college education for the kids, a house, or a trip to Disney with some work.  I am sure Mrs. Roosevelt was talking about the BIG dreams – world peace and all that, but it’s perfectly fine to have quiet, “ordinary” dreams. Sometimes just wishing for peace in your house or your neighborhood is peace enough. Dreaming of living in a better place often gives us the gumption to make it happen.  Dreaming of a bigger, “better” life – whether it’s getting to be more financially sound, finding a new job, starting a business, loosing weight, or climbing a mountain might seem “small” in the context of world events, but all it takes is for you to start making your dreams into your future, one small, meaningful dream to you and then you will see you have the power to make change on a grander scale.

So pick one of your dreams for the future – a simple, “small” dream, or a big “out-there” dream and go for it – and tell us about it so we can be your cheering section…

go GirlMoguls…