Interview with Bindi Irwin – Real Life Animal rescurer

Hey GirlMoguls – we had the chance to talk to Bindi Irwin, who’s a tween but has quite the reputation as a wildlife animal expert and rescurer.  She gets to travel the world helping animals, plus she lives at the zoo (for real!) and has a new series of books based on her adventures – we got her to give us the dish on what’s it’s like to be a real life adventure-ess: (And You Can Buy Her Books Here:


The books are based on your real life adventures – can you tell us how you find your adventures – or do they find you?

Both!  The idea behind the books was to write stories that were enjoyable to all kids and that were fictional, based on our family’s real life adventures.

It was a lot of fun helping with the books because I was a co-creator. I got to proofread the final copy of all of the books to make sure that the facts were correct and that the story line was how I wanted it to be. I also got to pick the animals and the storylines that the books were based on.

The first book, Trouble at the Zoo, is about my birthday at Australia Zoo and how it almost got ruined by a 10 year old boy trying to sneak one of our beautiful water dragons out of the zoo. It is fantastic!

The second book, Rescue, is about a trip to South Africa. My friend Hannah and I discover a nature preserve for the giant stable antelope that is being used for illegal hunting at night.  It’s an exciting story!


You seem to have so much going on – books, TV, school – how do you balance it all?  Can you give other tween girls tips on how they can achieve their dreams and stay focused on their goals?

My advice is a good education and willingness to volunteer and demonstrate passion. My dad always taught me that one man can make a difference, and I believe that one kid can make a difference too.


What’s been your favorite adventure?

When I was filming Free Willy I got to work with some incredible African wildlife.  I also got to work with a little penguin called Englebert and he was quite the character.  They used to get him to walk to the camera by putting some of his penguin friends behind the camera and he would waddle towards them.  It was really very interesting working with trained animals as opposed to the wildlife I film with in documentaries.


Where so you see yourself in five and ten years?

When I get older, I would like to tackle bigger issues. I would like to tackle even greater issues that are troubling our planet. We have a lot of problems. The single greatest challenge we face today is an ever exploding population. There are serious issues with wildlife farming, for example, which also need to be considered.

I want to carry on my dad’s legacy. I think of myself as a teacher and I know my dad was a teacher too. I’m lucky that I’m not only talking to adults, but also to children. I think it’s so important to empower kids because we are the next voters. We are the next decision makers, and we are the next generation making a difference on our planet.

I will be continuing to fight to save the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve from the threat of being strip mined and carrying on in my dad’s footsteps. If you would like to help me Save Steve’s Place please go to and sign the petition.

Interview with DragonFly Girl Gear Founder


DragonFly Girl GearHey GirlMoguls – today we have a real girl mogul for you, a mom who started her own company – and was inspired by you – real life girls who love sports.  Read on for our interview with: MaryAnne Gucciardi, President and Founder of Dragonfly girlgear™.  You can check out their gear at:

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  1. Why did you start THIS kind of company – why did you feel that girls needed special sports gear? I started Dragonfly girlgear™ out of personal need.  My daughter plays soccer and I was having a difficult time finding good fitting performance wear for girls.  I realized I was not alone with this need.  I was listening to another mom on the way home from a soccer tournament about how her daughter needed appropriate performance (wicking) wear and how hard it was to find something that fit well.  That’s when I had an “aha” moment – I realized I could do something about this.  That was March 2009 and a few months later the Un-Tee™ was developed and produced.


  1. What does girl power mean to you? It is freedom to do what you love -no barriers, no constraints.  As a parent, it means giving my daughter the freedom to be who she is, with encouragement and support and without judgment.

3. What’s the best part about being your own boss? The best part is seeing an idea become a reality.  When I see an order arrive, I cannot believe these beautiful products are mine and what is even more gratifying is when I see a girl  that I know wears my products, playing like a pro and knowing I helped.


The worst part? Working for yourself means a lot of hours, especially early on when you are in the start up phases.  That is why it is so important to love what you are doing so it doesn’t feel burdensome.


4. Any advice for girls who want to start their own business – either now – or in the future?

1.  Get confident with taking risks – it can be taking that shot at goal, trying for another basket or stealing a base, but it can also be writing something and sending it in to the newspaper.

2. Develop resilience.  This has to do with how you react to failure.  Brush it off and learn from it.  Don’t replay that tape in your mind.

3. Read everything – you never know where the next big idea will come from.

4. Do your math – calculating sales tax, discounts and ratios are the math foundations for a future business.

5. Which public figure(s) inspire you?

Bert Goyle, Chairwoman of Columbia

Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton (Secretaries of State)

Debbie Yow, Athletic Director at NC State.  (there are only three female athletic directors in the entire country)


Which private figure(s) inspire you?

My husband, son and daughter.

My favorite quote:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.“

–Marianne Williamson

Moms Like It Mother Tween Contest

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In the meantime, as promised, we have a little mother-daughter contest going on – maybe you like to share clothes, or maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead sharing a lip gloss let alone an item of clothing…but moms and their daughters definitely influence each other when it comes to fashion – and who doesn’t love a shopping spree?  So we’re going to give you one.

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