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Hi, this is the home blog for the GirlMoguls.  Who are the GirlMoguls?  We’re four girls who have joined together to learn more about things that interest us.   We have big dreams and we’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to explore thos dreams and find out what it would be like to be a rocket scientist or a CEO (that’s someone who runs a business – big or small).
Of course, we don’t do this all alone.  We have help.  Lots of it!  In fact we didn’t even know each other until recently, even though we all live in Riverton.   You can find out more about how we met here.
Anyway, so we started the GirlMogul club, a place that allows us to explore our dreams and the future possibilities.  Sometimes we go on fieldtrips, and sometimes we do a lot of research in out clubhouse.  Other times, we get to go out into the community and do a fun project.
We each have different talents and interests, and when we combine them we come up with some pretty cool ideas and have some fun adventures.
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The Parent Note – Just so they know everything is ok

MoneyGirl – Check out these great sites

Hi, everyone, it’s me Lily Again.  I just wanted let you know I have been doing research in my role as the Money Chick.  I found some great sites and books to help you find out more about how to save money, manage your allowance and even start a business.  I am just brimming with great ideas that I am going to go share with the other GirlMoguls, but I wanted to put this post up right away.

Send me a comment if you have any questions, or if you know of another site I should feature.  T


This list is also here on the GirlMoguls’ Community Page.





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Note to Parents

The Parent Note
This is a note to all parents. is a company and site founded by Andrea Stein, a mother.  The concept for GirlMogul began when I was buying clothes for my niece and then my own baby girl.  Everything was for a princess.   And it didn’t seem to get any better as they got older.  Do I really want my daughter to grow up to become Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton?  Not at all.
So I started to think.  The phrase GirlMogul popped into my head and it took awhile to take its present shape.  At first I thought that there was a need for financial education for kids, especially girls.  Well there is, and there are a lot of sources for it.  Then I thought about how when I was little I wanted to do it all – magazine editor, publisher, star athlete, astronaut, explorer, secret agent, detective and explored.  I loved reading fact and fiction books about great adventures, mysteries, nature and history.
And slowly the idea of the GirlMoguls came to me.  Instead of t-shirt that said Future Princess on it, how about one that said Future Rocket Scientist.  And so the girls grew into the four characters, Lily, Rose, Daisy and Poppy.   A website was born, so too were some designs and t-shirts.  And soon a book! is meant to be the home of the GirlMoguls, a safe place for girls 6-12 to learn, explore and share their interests, talents and dreams.  We hope you will sit and stay, explore our resource pages.  We hope you will read the adventures of the Girls as they do really neat things and learn that the future is limitless. 
We hope you might buy a t-shirt from our partner Café Press to help support the site and combat the Princess Brigade.
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Meet Lily — GilrMogul's Money Chick

Hi, my name is Lily.  I live in suburb of Carson City with my Mom who is a real estate agent and my Dad who works at a bank.  He travels a lot for work, so during the week, it’s mostly me and my mom.  And my Auntie who watches me if my mom needs to run out and meet with a client.  I’m 11 and I go to the Carson Heights School.  Mostly I like school.  I like Math better than history or reading, but every subject is ok.  Sometimes I just don’t understand what all these stuff in books has to do with everyday life.
I mean my mom loves to read, but I don’t see her reading textbooks.  My mom says I have to do well in school so I can go on and be something someday. Not sure I get what being something.  I mean what do I want to be?  
Abby says not to worry, that I will figure it out, and that being a GirlMogul will help me figure it out.

Stayed tuned.  Abby says I am going to have some homework to write more about. She says it will be fun and I will like it.  Ha – we will see. I am going to go read a magazine.

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