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Here’s our vote for the GirlMogul of the day – 12 year old Keiara Bell of Detroit. Keiara chastised a city council president for calling another politician “Shrek” (an apparent reference to the male politician’s baldness). Keiara’s point was that adults should treat each other better – that name calling is a second –grader activity. She’s right and her unscripted remarks have made her a local hero in Detroit where the local political climate has had its fair share of mudslinging. The article was in the Wall Street Journal – read it all here.

Keiara has since gotten invited back to City Council meetings an offer of a campaign manager – for when she’s ready to run for office. We hope she does – here’s our GirlMogul Future Leader of the Free World Shout out to Keiara Bell.

From the Wall Street Journal Article

DETROIT — When Monica Conyers, president pro tem of Detroit’s City Council, called the council president “Shrek” during an angry exchange at a hearing in April, one city resident found the remark immature.

“That’s something a second-grader would do,” says 13-year-old Keiara Bell.

During a panel discussion Ms. Conyers had with local schoolchildren two weeks after making the remark, Miss Bell admonished the 43-year-old Ms. Conyers for her behavior. The eighth-grader didn’t back down when the councilwoman engaged her in debate.

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I blogged that we got our three winners for our new Future Archaeologist shirt  — congratulations, your prizes will arrive soon.  We receieved way more than 3 answers.  Most were right – GREEK – was the langauage, but other popular answeres were Farsi and Latin.

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