Mona Lisa Smile: The Story of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts was born as a Southern belle in Georgia. She was born as Julia Fiona Roberts, and interestingly enough, expressed an interest in animals as a young child, aspiring early to be a veterinarian. Thankfully for us, she didn’t! She began acting and entered superstardom in the 1990’s.

Although we make think of Julia Roberts as that gorgeous, next-door girl in the funny, romantic film, some of her most famous works have had very serious undertones. Her first dive into Hollywood was in 1988 in the movies Mystic Pizza and Satisfaction. And then, just two years later, Julia Roberts hit it big in Pretty Woman, one of the most iconic movies of all time. So iconic, in fact, that Julia Roberts was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance! She was on a roll after that, coming out with movies such as Notting Hill, Runaway Bride, and My Best Friend’s Wedding. In 2000, Julia Roberts finally won her well-deserved Academy Award for her performance in Erin Brockovich, a provocative movie about a struggling mother who uses her intelligence and ethic to finally make it.

I’m sure that we’ve all heard these movie facts, though. But, there are some interesting ones that I never knew about Julia. For instance, she was the first actress to ever be on the cover of Vogue,and second woman to be on the cover of GQ Magazine. She was featured in People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” list a whopping 11 times! She even received an insane $25 million paycheck from doing the movie Mona Lisa Smile. And, one of favorite, quirky quotes from this actor is
“When I was a child I had a crush on Abraham Lincoln. Why I would choose to reveal this, I know not.”

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Real Science Heroes

Hey Girl Moguls! It’s Poppy here, bringing you news about kids who are considered to be real heroes in science! The winners of the Action For Nature’s 2009 International Young Eco-Hero Award are kids ages 8-16 who have conducted groundbreaking science experiments, changed legislation, written books, hobnobbed with leaders of the slow food movement, and much more. Two of the winners of the 8-12 category, Erik Uebelacker of Bel Air, Md., age 8, and Cameron Oliver of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, age 12, used their love of animals as inspirations for their winning projects.

Erik wrote his own book called Butterflies Shouldn’t Wear Shoes, after learning from his teacher that butterflies tasted with their feet. He wrote and illustrated the story with help from his mother and printed out copies to give to teachers, but soon was receiving requests for much more, so he decided to sell copies of his book and donate all the money to help animals. Since then, Erik has sold more than 450 copies and raised $2,000 that he donated to the World Wildlife Fund in 2008.

The other winner, Cameron, created a public awareness campaign to educate the public about the effects of littering in the desert after learning that many camels died every year because they ate plastic bags that have been discarded there. He made school presentations, started a web site, and distributed shirts, caps and car stickers for free. After his campaign started getting recognized, he was asked to do interviews on radio and TV! How cool!

Interested in making your own project for the Action for Nature’s International Young Eco-Hero Award? Have you already started one? The applications and guidelines will be out in August for next year’s competition! Visit to learn more about how you can a science hero! And I think it’s definitely time a girl won this time! Let us know what project you’ll be submitting!

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Yoga for You – How to get started

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s Lily here, and we’re so excited to have another post in our Healthy Living Series from a true GirlMogul, Kristin McGee. Kristin McGee created Power Yoga and has been on MTV as their yoga guru. She’s so into Yoga and thinks it’s a great exercise even for girls like us that she just created a cool new DVD – Bendigirls Yoga. This DVD provides a fun and approachable way to enjoy this ancient spiritual practice while helping viewers ground themselves and realize the positive virtues of yoga. Make sure you enter to win a copy of The BendiGirls DVD here.

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Here’s Kristin:
If you are interested in trying yoga I recommend finding a class to take or trying a DVD. I think books are great to look at and study as well; but I prefer something more interactive. Even the Wii Fit now has a yoga program that you can learn from. Check out your local YMCA or google yoga studios in your area to find a class or instructor. Every class and every teacher and every style is different so I recommend calling ahead and asking a few questions or researching the studio on line that you choose to go to. Once you get to class, introduce yourself and let the teacher know you are there for your first time. It’s best to look for a beginner’s yoga class to learn the postures. If you happen to go to an open level class just make sure to go at your own pace and listen to your body. DVDs are wonderful because you can watch them first to get an idea of the moves and the practice before you even start. You can also pause the DVD when you want to or start slowly and do just a portion of it at a time. In my very first MTV yoga dvd we have a chapter that breaks down the poses to watch before you even jump in to the routine. If you can afford it, it’s also wonderful to take a private session with a teacher to really make sure your getting the proper alignment down and to get individual attention. Most yoga studios have mats and props you can use. If you are practicing at home you need to invest in a yoga mat. Yoga mats and props are very inexpensive and can be found at any sporting goods store or you can order on line from any yoga source such as or or to name a few. I think the best thing you can do is go to a class or do a DVD with a friend so you can share your experience and not feel too uncomfortable the first time around. I love meeting my girlfriends for yoga class. Every Saturday my best friend Lisa and I do yoga and then go see a movie–it’s a great way to spend the day.

Kristin is also the Yoga Ambassador for the Doce Vida line of fitness clothes. Doce Vida means sweet life and they believe that athletic clothes should fit and flatter – and stay on when you work out. Doce Vida athletic clothing was created by a real woman athlete – Jordan Veatch-Goffi who is a triathlete, a tennis player and a fan of yoga and Pilates. So read on about Yoga, an ancient form of exercise that works body your mind and body. Doce Vida is offering us a great discount to all GirlMogul readers – 20% – check it out here.