Back to School Accessories: Carry Your Way to Affordable Style

We can discuss what clothing fads are “in” this season all day: straight-leg or boot-cut? Plaid or print? Shrug or tunic? The answers are all up to you; they depend on your personal style. Similarly, accessories depend on your personal style. And, what is the one major accessory that you carry every single day of the school year? Your backpack! That means that is has to match everything, and yet be durable enough to carry all your stuff. Also, GirlMoguls, take it from me, messengers may seem super cool, but you’ll help out your back big-time by getting one with two straps! Here are some of the favorites I’ve found for this year:

The Classic: JanSport’s Superbreak ($25.00): The bag is the ultimate classic backpack. It has the bare essentials: one pocket for books, and one smaller one for accessories. It comes in a tough, durable material that lasts for years! Plus, it comes in a huge variety of prints and colors. It’s impossible not to find one you like. And if you don’t, get a plain one and decorate it! Jansport Backpack Collection

CalPack’s S Curve Backpack ($17.59): I found this bag on sale and online. I love the ombre fading of colors, especially pink! It’s cute, durable, affordable, and has a ton of space for everything you need. I like having a smaller pocket in the front for all of my little stuff like pens and make-up. It comes in other colors as well, but you know me, I’m all about the pink. It’s on sale for the next two days as well, so check it out now.

FUL’s Ditty Bag ($19.99): This bag got nearly perfect reviews from its buyers, and would surely get one from me too! It’s unique shape and material make it different than the ordinary backpack. The bag is made out of ballistic nylon, which actually turns out to have a distinct sheen. It’s a tough material, and can handle a lot of weight. The bag’s structure is also unique because it has two full size pockets and one in the front, with smaller compartments inside. It comes in black and fuchsia. Click here to see more.

The Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the Century!

Longest Solar Eclipse of this century
Longest Solar Eclipse of this century
On July 22nd, tons of tourists traveled to Varanasi, India, and gathered on the banks of the Ganges River, as well as eastern China and Nepal. Why were they all there? To witness the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century! The eclipse lasted a total of 6 minutes and 39 seconds off the coast of Southeast Asia and was the second of three eclipses in a one month period. This eclipse won’t be surpassed until June of 2132…pretty far away!
So what exactly is a solar eclipse? It’s when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is fully or partially covered. In the case of a total solar eclipse, which the one on July 22nd was, the entire Sun is covered, darkening the area so that it looks like night. Although solar eclipses can happen somewhat regularly, a total solar eclipse is considered to be a spectacular natural phenomenon, with many people traveling to remote locations to observe one.
There’s also some superstition associated with solar eclipses. Before the scientific reasoning behind them was discovered, some people attributed them to supernatural causes. Even during this recent total solar eclipse, many people Varanasi, India, gathered as a spiritual event, believing that there would be a relationship, either positive or negative, between their health and the occurrence of the eclipse. But for many others, the total solar eclipse was enjoyable for pure scientific fascination. It must be amazing to get the chance to witness something so rare. However, it’s important to know that you can NEVER see any solar eclipse with your bare eyes, since staring directly at the sun, even if it’s for a few seconds, can damage them. People viewing a solar eclipse must wear special eye protection. Even though viewing a solar eclipse must be amazing, it’s not worth losing your vision for the rest of your life!
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Tweens – Back to School Tips

Hey girls! I know it’s still July, but I’m already preparing for one of my favorite times of year. I bet you’ve seen it in the stores and on TV ads already…back-to-school season is coming up! You may still be in the middle of your summer vacation, but it’s never too early to start planning for school. Don’t groan! Back-to-school planning can be fun. Sure, it’s a little nerve-wracking to think about, but if you start thinking ahead now, you’ll be completely ready by the time September comes around!

If you’re going to a new school next year—whether it’s in a new district or just a new building—it might be a good idea to get used to your new surroundings. Do some exploring! Take your schedule and figure out where all your classrooms will be located, so on the first day of school you’re not lost and trying to figure out which way to go! Find all the essential spots you’ll need to know: the cafeteria, gym, the locker rooms, Nurse’s Office, and even pick out which places might make great hang out spots for down time!

And of course, there is always back-to-school shopping! Grab your parent or some friends and find yourself a new backpack, lunchbox, notebooks, pencils…whatever will make you feel confident and excited for going back-to-school! Who knows, maybe your parents will be so happy to see you planning so early that they’ll treat you to something fun! As it continues to get closer to back-to-school season, I’ll be posting more tips on ways you can prepare and get organized. Feel free to share any hints you might have with me!

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Back to School Style is Flat: Flat Shoes, of course!

Hi GirlMoguls, it’s Daisy here, with the reluctant fashonista’s round up of the cool new shoe styles for the fall, ’cause you know it’s back to school time, and those summer flip flops just aren’t going to cut it. So if you want to amp up the style, check out some of these cool back to school shoes.

Walking down the halls for the entire day in heels killing your feet? Have calluses from those good-looking but so uncomfortable heels you bought for the fall? Well say goodbye to those spiky heels, at least for now. Back to school in style is going totally flat. Comfortable and chic are words you can use to describe this year’s shoe list- everything from strappy gladiator sandals to colored oxfords are totally in this fall, and won’t give you feet cuts, bruises, or calluses.

Here are some of the best and cheap buys on my shopping list:

Delicious stone flats
Delicious stone flats
Delicious Stone Flats- These flats are the ultimate trendy shoe item to own this fall- a cross between a flip-flop and a boot. They provide ankle support and an ankle boot look, all while having the front of a classy flop. They also come in 5 colors to match any wardrobe. These shoes will be perfect for any weather this fall, and it’s under $20!

To buy the Delicious Flats, click here.

Wet Seal’s Stud Gladiator Shoe– Gladiator sandals were everywhere this summer. But, for fall, they are going to be a little chunkier, with a little added sheen. These silver studded sandals were my favorite being offered this season. They’re still appropriate for hot weather, but they’re a big enough statement for fall; all at a steal for $19.50!
To buy the Wet Seal sandals, click here.

Forever 21’s Reptile Flats- This season, sport your animal print in a classy way- footwear! These leopard flats are super cute and will make any outfit look stylized. I like them better than other animal print shoes because they have the jeweled embroidery on the front, making them look expensive and chic for under $23.00!
To buy these Forever 21 flats, click here.

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