Book Club – Women in the Ancient World

egyptdancers.gifSo now that you’ve had some time with Nefertiti, you’re probably wondering what life was really like in Ancient Egypt. After all, Nefertiti seems to live in a nice house, she had parents that loved her and her father wouldn’t marry her to someone she didn’t want to. But is this really true to life? We wondered to, so we did some research on what life was like in Ancient Egypt.

ancientegyptianwomenWell, like in many societies, Ancient Egyptians believed that men were the head of the household, but they also believed that joy and happiness were important too – and thought that family was very important, so in that way, women in Ancient Egypt were respected and well treated.

In Ancient Egypt women were regarded as totally equal to men under the law – they could own property, borrow money, sign contracts, initiate a divorce and appear in court as a witness. In fact, some of these things weren’t things women were allowed to do in the United States until the 1900s!

And there was one other thing that was important to Egyptians – love and emotional support were important factors in marriage, and children were loved as people, not just as potential workers.

So we can probably assume that Nefertiti’s father Ay, may have considered her feelings when thinking about who she should marry.

In Ancient Egypt – while it was normal for the Pharaoh to have many wives, most of the rest of the men in the country had only one – (also known as monogamy). In general though, most Ancient Egyptians – men and women, gravitated towards getting married, as this was considered the “natural state” for most people.

And of course, once they got married, a couple needed to set up housekeeping – so next up we’ll talk about houses, and how Egyptian women really dressed – I’ll give you a hint… it involved a cone of wax…

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Ideas for a Fun-Filled Thanksgiving

FunThanksgivingactivityHey GirlMoguls. I have one question for you- What are your plans for this Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. Historically, it has been a time to be thankful for the harvest and show appreciation for the food. To top it off, we get a long four day weekend with no school, have lots of food to eat, get to spend time with our loved ones and go early Christmas shopping.

There are tons of things you can do on Thanksgiving with your family. For starters, you can start off the day by perhaps helping your parents cook. You can help them prepare your favorite meal or make your own dessert. During the Thanksgiving weekend there are usually lots of family movies that come out in theaters, it might be fun to just go and catch a movie while the feast is being prepared. Or, you can cosy up to a mug of hot chocolate and a great rented movie to hang out and watch at home! After dinner, try breaking out some of your favorite old board games and get the whole family involved. After all, it is always fun to have a little competition with your siblings, cousins and parents, right?

Another fun Thanksgiving day activity can be starting to decorate your Christmas tree or putting up decorations around the house for the holidays. Play that holiday music and get in the festive spirit! Find some good deals on nearly anything by going Black Friday shopping with your family; you can even find more decorations. It is a great opportunity to get some early shopping done and get those things you want for the holidays before they run out.

Thanksgiving is a fun-filled family holiday and you should try and spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. There are lots of activities you can do with them that you normally wouldn’t. Take advantage of the time spent and express your gratitude. Tell the people you love to have around how much you do, and show your thanks GirlMoguls!

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Book Club – Sphinx's Princess – Part 2

Hey GirlMoguls – we hope you enjoyed the the first section of Sphinx’s Princess – we left off with Nefertiti’s dramatic rescue from the Nile — and then having to hear the news that her rescuer was as good as dead. We also saw a dramatic fight between the scribe Hennenu and her father Ay, about Nefertiti’s desire to learn to read and write.

Even though Nefertiti agrees not to take any more lessons from the scribe she still can’t stop herself from reading everything she sees and making up her own stories -and writing them down.

So, how would you feel if someone told you you couldn’t do something you really wanted to do? Has that ever happened? Has it turned out to be the right thing – like was it something you wanted to do that wasn’t really safe?

Did you check out the cool contest we’re having – you could win a silver cartouche necklace – and by now you know what a cartouche is!

Ok and now we’re going to read the second part of Spinx’s Princess – Chapter 5 up through Chapter 9 – and in it Nefertiti will take a journey that will change her life forever.

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