Latanna Stone – Part 2 – Girl Golf Phenom

Interview with Golf Phenom Latanna Stone Part 2!

Latanna Stone - Girl Golfer
Latanna Stone - Girl Golfer

Hey girls! Here’s the second part to my fun interview with golf star Latanna stone. In this part, I asked some fun questions about Latanna’s likes. Let’s see if some of her favorite things are yours as well!

GM: Do you like traveling?

LS: I travel all the time. I like traveling to different places. California, North Carolina, and Miami are some of the places I went to. In Miami, it was pouring!

GM: What are some of your favorite places you would like to visit?

LS: Thailand. I would love to go there! I love the food!

GM: What can you tell our readers about following their passion, like you are doing? What is something you love about your achievements?

LS: I won a lot of tournaments. Mostly, I love my player of the year award. But, I got them from following my passion. If a girl wanted to dance, I would tell her to try to dance. Try to take lessons, and make sure you try out what you want to do.

GM: What are some of the things you like to do in your spare time?

LS: I like to hang out with my friends, on Sundays or Fridays. I like to swim and one of my friend has a huge pool we swim in! I have 2 dogs, and I love them. One of my dogs is named Cinnamon Buns, and is an English bulldog, and the other is named Sandy and is a mutt. I like playing with them. When I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation, but I am still playing golf! I can’t get away from it!

GM: What is your favorite kind of food? How about your favorite book?

LS: My favorite kind of food is spinach dip! I just ordered it and I’m going to eat some right now. My favorite book is Captain Underpants- it’s so funny!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my interview with Latanna as much as I did. I found out we were really similar- we both like to just go for it and we both like that spinach and artichoke dip at some restaurants! Anyway, I hope Latanna does really well in her tournaments; I know we’ll be following her!

A Shocking Fact about Static Shock

A Shocking Lesson!

How to Avoid Static Shock
How to Avoid Static Shock

Girlmoguls, I have some SHOCKing science facts I learned in school today. They’re about electricity and static. Now, I know it may seem boring, but it’s really cool and totally affects you! Read on!

Have you ever walked across the room to your door to turn the door knob and suddenly felt a shock in your hand? Or, how about touching the door of a car in the winter time and jumping back from getting shocked? What you experienced is known as static shock. People usually tend to get shocked when they touch metal objects, especially in the winter time.

Everything from your hair, hat, gloves, doorknob, car door to regular metal objects have electrical charges. Everything in the world is made of the tiniest particles of matter called atoms. Atoms can be further broken down to 3 different parts (Protons, electrons and neutrons). Protons have positive charges, electrons have negative charges, and neutrons do not have any charge. When two objects rub against one another, electrons are transferred from the atoms of one object to the other. The object gaining the electrons are now negative charged and the objects releasing the electrons are now positively charged. This unbalance of charges causes the static shock.

If you run your fingers through your hair several times and then go and touch a metal door of a car or a doorknob, there is a good chance you might get a static shock. The reason for this is as you run your fingers through your hair, you are taking some of the electrons away from the atoms in your hair strands into the atoms in your hands. Then as you touch the metal doorknob, you feel a sudden shock because you have just transferred the extra electrons from the atoms in your hand to the atoms of the doorknob.

Static shocks are usually at its peak when the temperature is cold and the air is dry. That’s why you may experience it most during the winter season. The heat inside dries the air and it can enhance the chances of getting shocked. The static goes away when the temperature gets more humid and the air is less dry. There aren’t any real health risks from getting static shocks. There are ways to get around it, so I would suggest keeping your hands moist and use lotion during the winter time. It has worked for me in the past!

GirlMogul Poppy
GirlMogul Poppy

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Anna Quindlen – Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself”

– Anna Quindlen

Anna Quindlen Quote of the Day
Anna Quindlen Quote of the Day

Hey GirlMoguls! It’s Rose here, with an inspirational quote I found! Today’s quote comes from Anna Quindlen, an American author, journalist, and a columnist. She is Barnard College graduate and has written five best selling books, out of which three were made into motion pictures. She has also written for numerous New York newspapers. I think Anna Quindlen captures the quintessential dilemma with most young girls today. In this day and age, teenage girls all across the world face challenges, but none that are as tough as having the pressure of being perfect. School, friends, and society demand a girl to have the perfect looks and the perfect hair and makeup. It’s not easy to be a young girl today without feeling the need to look just right and match up to the rest of the other girls. Girls feel insecure not being and/or looking their best. There is always more competition amongst girls than there are with guys. I know I feel that kind of pressure in school.

I think what Mrs. Quindlen is trying to say here is that we need to begin to love ourselves for who we truly are. Stop trying to be someone you are not and start accepting yourself for who you really are. It is not easy to give up on striving to be the best, but that shouldn’t push you to become someone that you are not. We should all try to become the best of our own selves, and do the best we can. Then, we can just be content with who we are instead of obsessing over what everyone else thinks! So, girls, let’s take her advice and try it! Let me know how your journey goes!

GirlMogul Rose
GirlMogul Rose

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Up Gets the Oscar Nomination

Up the Movie wins Oscar Nomination
Up the Movie wins Oscar Nomination

Carl Fredrickson and our favorite Boy Scout Russell are making history. That’s right, I’m talking about the old, frumpy, loveable Carl and the eager, wide-eyed Russell from Disney Pixar’s hit film UP.

UP was extremely popular in theaters, and found fans among people of all ages. The story was sweet, funny, and exciting all at the same time. Plus, the animation and Pixar touch sent the movie to new heights, no pun intended.

Now, we see UP back in the news once more. UP has received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture! This is extremely exciting not only because Disney Pixar got the nomination, but more-so because UP is an animated film nominated for Best Picture. That is a feat in itself! The last time an animated film was up for Best Picture was before we were been born! Can you imagine that?

The last animated nomination went out in 1991 for another Disney film, The Beauty and the Beast.  I still love that movie. Although Beauty and the Beast did not win that year, it blazed a trail for the world of animation. Now, in 2010, UP will do the same thing with its nomination. The really interesting about both movies is that they were both done by Disney production houses. This means that both animated films ever in history to get a Best Picture nomination were both Disney movies!

Well, what did you think of UP? Do you think it deserved the nomination? Tune in on March 7th to see if it wins!

GirlMogul Lily
GirlMogul Lily