Summer Pool Fun for Kids Hey GirlMoguls – can you believe that it’s summer time! That means it’s time for some fun pool time.  Remember always be safe – make sure there’s an adult watching you!  But if you’re looking for something besides just swimming check out these fun pool time activities to make the pool even more fun!

  1. Water aerobics – Not just for old ladies.  Get some tunes cranking and try dancing underwater – not only will it be a lot of fun, but you’ll also be exercising in your abs and legs for a little stealthy exercise! 

Water polo – This game is alot of fun and great for when you have a crows. Divide evenly into teams. If you have a new you can set up all the better. If not mark a dividing line along the sides and then try to pass and shoot the ball. Divide into teams. It is great fun to try and swim and get the ball in the goal.

Relay races – This may be one that is best for a larger pool. Divide into teams  and decide how many laps of the pool constitute the race. See who can swim the fastest – girls vs. boys or parents vs. kids.  Prizes optional 🙂

Water basketball – If you have a pool basketball hoop, this game is great fun. Just like water polo, divide into teams. You will have to run in the water and propel yourself upward to reach the basketball hoop. It can be hard work but a lot of fun.

Marco Polo –  This classic never goes out of style!  It’s kind of like the premise of hide and seek. One person counts while the others scatter across the pool. The counter keeps their eyes closed and tries to find the others. When they yell, “Marco” the others yell “Polo” which gives them some idea of which direction to go to tag a person.


01x/21/Diry/15103/08Why is it called Marco Polo? Wonder why the game is  called Marco Polo? Some say it’s because Marco Polo – the famous Renaissance Italian  explorer who discovered – or rather “uncovered” China  – had no idea where he was going when he started out – much like you when you play the game. Another story says it’s because Marco Polo had his eyes cut out by a pirate after a disagreement (must have been some argument!) and  had to use a cane to help him see. When he returned home, the local children made fun of him because he couldn’t see where he was going…Either way – we’re happy you only have to keep your eyes closed to play the game!  No peeking.

So have fun, stay safe and get swimming!