Meet Abby Summers

NAME: Abby Summers

Code Name: Abby Summers

Address: Unknown

Age: twenty-something

Collected Data:

The GirlMoguls can find out a little bit more about their mentor, Abby Summers. But still it’s not a whole lot:
Family: Mother and father live in the suburbs of New York City now. Didn’t grow up there. Can’t tell if she has any brothers or sisters. Was on the debate team at her boarding school. Abby attended Princeton University in New Jersey and Cambridge University in England. Spent a year working in rural Africa helping village women develop their own businesses and teaching school.

Age – twentysomething. Abby won’t tell us what year, but her birthday is June 25th.

Abby was in the paper for winning the State Debate Championships in High School and a business plan competition in college. We can’t find out much more about her. She had a Facebook page, but won’t friend us, saying that she has a right to a little privacy.

We think she has a boyfriend.

Favorite Books: She likes the Twilight Series. And Jane Austen.

Favorite Subject: All of them – she seems to know something about everything.

Hiking, yoga, running and sailing. Likes to kayak too.

In her words:

Describe yourself: No data

Your Hero: Dr. Smith.

Someone from History you admire: Queen Elizabeth I

If you could have lunch with anyone: She seems to have lunch with lots of people already.

Your favorite place:
The desert in Arizona.

A place you would like to visit:
All of them.