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Download the Back to School Survival Guide
Download the Back to School Survival Guide

Get the GirlMogul Back to School Survival Guide – it’s a free, downloadable pdf filled with the wisdom of the GirlMoguls – on how to ace not just the first day back, but your tween’s entire year.  Filled with info on how to organize her schedule, use a planner, pick a club, ace a test and plan a wardrobe on a budget, this quick little guide will inspire your tween dream big and rock school – all year long!

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How to Ace a Test, Part Deux

How to Get an A-Plus

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Poppy again, with some more test taking tips.  So you practiced my study tips and you’re totally ready to ace the test, right?  Here are a few test day tips that will make sure you don’t feel any of the test day panic – ok so, maybe you will, but you’ll be able to beat and get a good grade:

  1. Relax- We’re not just saying chill-lax here.  Try a relaxation exercise – like closing your eyes and taking a few slow, deep breaths as you tell imagine yourself getting the test paper back with a big fat A on it.
  2. Warm up – Every test has easy questions on it and hard ones. Go through and answer the questions you know. Stumped – just circle that question and go back to it later – but don’t try to sweat through it on the first go around
  3. Trust yourself – studies show that our first answer is usually the right one – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check your work.  If you have time, go through your answers, but don’t second guess yourself.  Your first instinct was probably the right one.
  4. Read the directions – trust me, we’ve all done it – forgotten to answer the last page of the test, or answered questions wrong because we didn’t bother to read the directions.  So don’t risk points off because you think you know it all – take a second to read the directions – all of them!

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GirlMogul Poppy
GirlMogul Poppy

Get Smart for Back to School

Get Organized for Back to School
Get Organized for Back to School

Ok, tween girls, it’s almost time for back to school and as you know, it’s super important to stay on top of all you have to do if you want to be a superstar student – I mean after all if it took to get some great grades were a few simple organizational tips – wouldn’t that be cool.  So I’m here to give you a quick run-down on just what you need to ace school…

For dealing with your daily dose of homework:

  • Gather your supplies – set up a special homework area – like the desk in your room or your corner of the family room, and stock it with everything you need, from pencils, to pens to that ruler.  Even if you’re not in the same place every day, get a cute basket and or box and stock it up so it can move with you
  • Get Listy – make a list of allyour homework assignments in the order you need to do them.  Start with the Most Important One First.  And if you find something super boring, definitely don’t leave it until last when you’ll be tempted to quit.
  • Take Short Breaks – A short – and I don’t mean a whole iCarly episode – break will actually help your brain work better. You can even use a kitchen timer and set it for a five minute break between homework tasks.  But when that buzzer rings, get right back at your desk.
  • Pack Your Pack – when you’ve finished all your homework – take a deep breath, and then pack your bag with everything – from your homework assignments to your gym clothes for the next day in your book bag.   Leave it by the door or in the same place every night and in the morning you can focus on picking out your outfit rather than searching all over for what you need.

So GirlMoguls – don’t sweat the school stuff – next up I’ll give you more of my academic back to school whiz gal tips….

GirlMogul Rose
GirlMogul Rose

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What are You Feeling?

Dealing with Tween Emotions
Dealing with Tween Emotions

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s Daisy here and I am back with my whole experiment on this feeling thing.  In my last post I wrote about keeping a feelings journal – either your own private notebook on your computer to help you learn how to deal with your moods  — like how to identify how different situations make you feel – including the ones that make your feel good and the ones that make you feel, well not so good.  I mean sometimes it seems like life is more full of downs than ups.

But when I started to think about all the different things that happen and writing about how they make me feel, I realized that there are just as many ups too.  I mean, sometimes, just hanging with the girls at the library, talking and working makes me feel pretty happy.   It’s not like I had to ace a test of win the Xeron Raiders virtual championship to feel good about myself.

Of course sometimes, you may be so down that you can’t see the up side.  In that case, just writing about your feelings might seem like you’re throwing a pity party for one – ouch.  So it can be better to actually talk to someone about how you feel.  But just like when you started to write them down – you wanted to make sure they stayed private, you’ll want to pick a good person to talk to.  And sometimes, well it just can’t be your friends.  You might need a more objective view – someone with a bit of distance and by that I mean older….and not always your parents…because c’mon you’re likely gonna have some “feeling’ about them…

Luckily the GirlMoguls have Abby who’s like a super cool big sister without being, well part of the family (and all judgy and worried about mom or dad).  Maybe you know someone like that too – someone older, but not too old, someone trustworthy you could talk to.  If not, here are a few tips for finding someone cool enough to talk to.

  • Who has given me support in the past
  • Who’s good at giving advice
  • Who do I feel comfortable sharing my feelings with?
  • Who do I trust with my innermost thoughts?
  • Who is sensitive and kind
  • Who really listens to me
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Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy