Be Courageous…Quote from Anita Roddick

“Be Courageous. It’s one of the only places left uncrowded.”

– Anita Roddick


be courageous quoteWe think courage only comes when we’re under extreme duress.  Courage under fire, and all that sort of thing.   But courage really means the will to strike out and do something unexpected.  Sometimes it means just doing something a little different, like carving out the time for yourself – whether it’s to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book for pleasure or work on your secret plan for world domination.

So don’t be afraid to strike out on your own, to go to the place that’s uncrowded and that’s uncomfortable – like eating dinner at a restaurant alone, or going to the movies alone.  It’s ok to jump out out of the crowd. Indeed if we are to do something great, or extra ordinary, we have to go to where others aren’t…so don’t be afraid to be out ahead, to try something new, to go find your courage.

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The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

lily-tomlin“The road to success is always under construction.”

-Lily Tomlin

Hey GirlMoguls, today’s quote comes from Lily Tomin, an American actress, comedian, writer and a producer. She is a well-rounded entertainer and a very successful woman. With the New Year on the horizon, I felt that this is a very inspirational quote from a very inspirational woman that we can use for the New Year ahead. She has won many awards and she is a recognized face in the entertainment industry, but her accomplishments are a direct reflection of years of hard work. Tomlin never took a break from working. She has always tried different things in her career and strived to become better at it each day. Her hard work has complimented her journey to success.

This quote is a great way for us to start the New Year. Success is not easily achieved and you have to work for it. I think she is trying to say that we should not settle for anything and continue to work on our dreams and goals in life. Even when we feel like we have achieved what we wanted, we should continue to try to do better and gain more. Success is never ending. You can always work on your goals in life which is why it’s always under construction. So for this New Year, we should all set goals for the next year, work hard each day, and try and do better than we did the day before.

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