Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life

hey GirlMoguls – it’s book 2 in the tween Dork Diaries series – and  Nikki Maxwell our heroine is settled in at her new school with BFFs and her crush as her lab partner.  However when she overhears her nemesis Mackenzie bragging about how she’s going to the Halloween dance with Brandon, Nikki agrees to help out at her little sister’s party – but then she finds out that Mackenzie was lying – and there’s still a chance she could go with Brandon – but will she disappoint her best friends and her little sister for a boy?  Love the little cartoons, though perhaps if Nikki wasn’t so obsessed with a boy she would have an easier time of it….[ReviewAZON asin=”1416980067″ display=”fullpost”]

How to Deal – Feuding Friends

BFF"s Fighting? What to do...
BFF"s Fighting? What to do...

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Lily here.  Today I thought I’d talk about BFFs.  Of course, me and the other GirlMoguls are as tight as can be, but sometimes, you know, you and your group of BFFs can just, well, get into fights.  What happens when you’re formerly super tight group all of a sudden seems like its unraveling?

It can get really weird if you’re caught in the middle – like when two of them won’t talk to each other and they want your to take sides, or act as a go-between.  Well, you’ll totally need to evaluate the sitch and see what you should do.

So first of all, are your friends being polite to each other, but just not clicking?  Well then it could be that one of them has developed some new interests.  That’s ok – it may be that you can be friends with each of them separately, but that they’re just not right for each other.

Of course, what if the opposite is true – these girls are being truly nasty to one another!  Then you need to decide if the fight is over something silly – and if they’re being silly, or if it’s over something really serious…

Well, if it’s something silly, like a simple misunderstanding or someone was crabby one day and said something snarky, then maybe you can help – explain each other’s point of view and encourage them to apologize to one another.

If they won’t and force you to take sides, then it’s ok for your to back off.   Yup – take a break from these feuding meanies and reclaim your neutral status.  Be as polite as you can and never ever stoop to the level of badmouthing.  Sooner, rather than later, your friends will realize how silly they are and will work things out – and you’ll all be friends again.

Next time we’ll talk about what to do when the whole fight is over something a little more serious…and how to handle that too!

Later, Lils…

GirlMogul Lily
GirlMogul Lily

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DIY Candy Stripe Lip Gloss Pouch

DIY Candy Stripe Lip Gloss Pouch
DIY Candy Stripe Lip Gloss Pouch

Hey GirlMoguls – we have another cool guest DIY post from Make it Ruby – so, get out your glue gun and get going…Girls, you have a new friend named Ruby here to show you some easy steps for a variety of DIY projects for your room, clothes, school locker and more. is a destination web site created just for you. With materials readily found around the house, you’ll spend no more than $5 on each of these simple to make projects. Best thing yet, Ruby is all about her 3 R’s -reuse, renew, and repurpose – encouraging us all to be mindful of waste and challenging us to be eco-minded bffs.

“Candy Stripe Lip Gloss Pouch”

Ruby’s Tool Kit: all purpose tacky glue, scissors, recycled greeting cards, decorative jewels, hot glue gun, Safety First: Always have an adult supervise when using a hot glue gun

1.     Renew a small plastic make-up pouch that does not have decorative accents.

2.     Recycle your old greeting cards & cut out the design directly from the cards. Attach decorative design with an all purpose tacky glue.

3.     Apply decorative jewels with hot glue. Make sure to let them dry. Your BFF will be sure to scream when she sees her sweet holiday surprise.