Ultimate Tween Birthday Parties

Tween Birthday Parties
Tween Birthday Parties

Everyone loves a party especially tween girls, but planning a party for this age can be tricky. The following suggestions will show you how to plan an awesome birthday party for tweens and give you a guide of what to do and when to do them.

1. Two months prior– start discussing ideas with your tween – like will the party be at the house or outside.  How many friends will she be allowed to invite?  What type of theme is appropriate – is it a spa party, or a classic girls sleepover?

2. Three to four weeks before – Finalize your theme.  At  Based on the theme, your venue and budget, decide on a final guest list. and get invitations.    If you’re not inviting everyone in your daughter’s class, it’s best to mail out the invitations to the guests’ homes – this will spare any hurt feelings.

3. Three weeks before – Send out those invitations, and be sure to include an RSVP date and contact information.    Make sure you put down the start and end time of the party and any other additional information – like sleeping bags required if you’re having a sleepover.

You can start buying paper goods and the decorations now.

4. Two weeks before – This is when the RSVPs should be rolling in – keep track of everyone who’s responded and those that haven’t.  You might want to create a menu inspired by your theme. This is where you and your kids can get creative, researching recipes and finding ways to incorporate the theme into kid-friendly fare.   Start stockpiling non-perishable food items like drinks and chips.

Plan out any games or activities you’ll want to play.  You can use the internet to research party games and find out what supplies you need to have on hand.

5.  One week before – It’s almost show time for your tween’s birthday party. Now’s the time to order the cake from the bakery or finish up you’re the homemade version.   See if there are any other menu items you can prepare ahead and store in your freezer.

6.  Three days before – Get the rest of the food and beverages. Clean the house, if you’re having it at home, or confirm all the details with the venue.  Help your daughter pick out her outfit.

7. One Day Before – start decorating and checking all the last minute items off your list.

Day of – Enjoy! By following these simple guidelines you can create the ultimate tween birthday party, one that your daughter will remember for years to come.

Passionate Profits For You

Tween Entrepreneurs Can Make Money Too!
Tween Entrepreneurs Can Make Money Too!

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Lily here and since it’s the summer I thought you might be interested in some cool ideas to make a few bucks.  Sure you might be doing some babysitting or petsitting and lovin’ the cha-ching in the piggy bank, but perhaps you’re thinking bigger.  Like mogul bigger.  It’s true – you do not have to be a grownup to start a business.  Lots of great business got their start in someone’s kitchen or garage.   And what’s the best part about starting your own business – you can make sure you’re doing something you love – not something just to make money – like working at snack shack.

Here are some ideas you can use to turn your fave things into moolah.

Are you a crafter?  Follow the lead of Marci of MarciG, a potter who sells her creations through Etsy, an online crafts marketplace.  She launched her online pottery store when she didn’t get any of the summer jobs she applied for.  She can customize her pieces according to customer request and sometimes makes over $500 a month!

Sweet Tooth – Kalissa of Kalissa’s Cakes always loved to bake and when she noticed that a lot of her friends were having quinceaneras – a fancy birthday party for Latina girls, she started to bake cakes just for those.  She made good money and now is expanding her business to include cake decorating parties.  Yumm-O!

Are you a Puppy lover – well then look at what Amanda, a total dog lover created.   When her beloved dog Princess died of cancer she decided to create a healthier dog treat – so she whipped up vegetarian dog treats that are good for dogs and the environment and sells them online at ecodogtreats.com.

So are you inspired yet?  If you are, or want to find out more about starting a business, check out these sites:




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