Fat Cat Book Club Part 5

fatcat bookBook Club Book: Fat Cat Part 5

Hey girls! I hope you enjoyed reading Fat Cat by author Robin brande as much as I did. Since I like this tween book so much, I came up with a few discussion questions you can ponder over yourself, or chat about with your friends! Book clubs are a great way to great minds working together and having fun, so be sure to try it out. Here are some things to consider after reading the book:

  1. If you could change the ending of the novel, what would you change it to? Consider the outcome of the Science Fair, and Cat’s relationship with Matt. Would you have had her lost the competition but win over Matt? Did you feel content when you turned the last page?
  2. If you had to pick a random science picture and create an experiment, what topic would be your preference? Even though biology was Cat’s thing, she got something unrelated. If you got a picture of the Hubble telescope in space, what science experiment would you create?
  3. Cat struggles with her weight and body image from the beginning of the novel. She tries diets and they don’t work. The one that does work was not an intended diet, but a life style change she had to take part in. Have you ever felt this way? Have you tried eating differently and having nothing changed? After reading about Cat, would you consider maybe changing aspects of your life instead dwelling on a number on the scale? What are some things you could do to be healthier?
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Shaping Youth Blog

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First all – sorry for the delay in posting.  There were umm technical issues that took several emails and a couple of tech support calls to figure out.  But we’re back and have a slate of great posts coming up, including information on a giveaway a new friend is hosting.

But first I just wanted to bring the Shaping Youth Blog and its founder Amy Jussel to your attention.  This is a great well thought out blog about the media’s effect on youth today – and don’t worry – it’s not all bad.  It includes a lot of insight into how teens spending all this time online is going to be shaping the next generation.  Of course, I am having pains realizing that I am not of the next generation anymore… Anyway great information resources and links on body image, branding, and one of my greatest worries – growing up too soon.