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The Magnificient Twelve the Call by Michael Grant
The Magnificient Twelve the Call by Michael Grant

Hey GirlMoguls, now that Harry Potter is over have you been jonesing for a new series to sink your teeth into?  Well you should check out The Magnificent Twelve  – The Call a new fantasy, sci-fi-ish series by Michael Grant.  It’s a totally fun and funny book with the main character Mac an unlikely hero – for one thing he is totally ordinary – height, face, hair, abilities.  And he’s afraid of everything, name a phobia, this kid has it!  The book alternates between events a long time ago, when a band of heroes defeated the Pale Queen and banished her to eternity forever, which since they couldn’t count very high back then was only 3000 years – and now, those 3000 years is drawing to the close, and a new band of heroes must be called.  And Mack is the first.  And he brings with him Stefan, formerly Richard Gere Middle School’s most terrifying bully but now Mack’s body guard.

Mack starts his quest and finds the second of the 12- Jarrah.  And the big bad evil this time – Risky, the Pale Queen’s daughter.  With a million dollars and a credit card, Mack and his crew are set for adventure – you’ll love the funnies in this book and look forward to the next one.
Ready to get it – well a lucky reader can win a SIGNED copy from Michael Grant, the author, from GirlMogul.  All you have to do?  Tell us your favorite phobia (a fear of…), with bonus points for the scientific name in the comments below and we’ll pick a lucky winner to get a copy of The Magnificent Twelve: The Call, by Michael Grant.  The book is also available at and all bookstores.

What is Cyberbullying?

So you’re probably aware that cyberbullying is a big problem, but you may be scratching your head about just what it is.  As a parent you need to be able to know when you see it – both so you can prevent your child from being the victim cyberbullying – or worse, being the bully.

Cyberbullying can take multiple forms, but basically its when one kid or group of kids uses the internet to embarrass, harass or negatively affect another kid.  Cyberstalking or cyberharassment is when an adult does the same thing, but to another adult (or minor.).

Cyberbullies may use email chains, social networks or blogs to post and spread harmful rumors about other kids.  It could be as simple as taking the same old schoolyard tactics of making fun of someone, or twsiting the truth, or harping on an embarrassing incident and posting it online.  The anonymity of the internet – with its lack of face to face contact makes it even easier for tweens and teens to bully one another.

Unfortunately, most kids won’t give much thought to how harmful teasing other kids can be.  It might all seem like a big joke.  Teens lack the empathy to understand that when one person is the butt of everyone’s joke, day in and day out, it’s not funny at all.  Cyberbullying can ruin a teens social standing and reputation, making school a terrible place to be.

As a parent it’s important to teach your children about what constitutes cyberbullying and how they can avoid it.  Ir’s also important that they feel they can come to you if they are facing bullies.   And it’s also critical that you firmly lay down the law on what behaviors you expect from your children online – in other words, tell them being a cyberbully is wrong.   While making fun of another kid or teen may seem like harmless fun, in reality repeated bullying takes a toll on the victim – leading to severe depression and social alienation.

Another important consideration is that issuing threats against another person can be a criminal matter – even if it’s all a big “joke.”  While most parents and school authorities won’t press charges against teenagers for cyberbullying, it’s important that your tween or teen understand that it really is a big deal.

Being int the know about the different forms cyberbullying can take will make it more likely you’ll spot when one of your children is the victim or the bully.  By instituting a zero tolerance rule on the behavior, you’ll be able to stop cyberbullying.

Fat Cat Book Club: Part 4

Finally we have some answers people! With the last part of the book completed, we can talk openly, spoilers included, about what just went down in Cat’s life. And let’s just Chapter 62, where we last left off. I’m very happy that cat ended things off with nick. Yes, she did follow her desires for a while because it was something new she had not experienced before. But, she was smart about it in the end. She knew that in order to proceed physically with a boy, she had to be in a relationship with him. It really doesn’t make sense to just have that physical relationship, because Nick didn’t care about Cat when she was overweight, so he really didn’t care about her as a person. She even points that he really knew nothing about her.

Fat Cat Book
Fat Cat Book

Let’s move on to the science project.  It seems like in the end, Cat’s experiment really did come together. Her Phase II about the guys may not have ended up as she though, but Jordan’s idea of humans reacting to negative and positive stimuli did lead her to applicable conclusions. She had it together; she even started swimming again, which built up muscle and confidence for Cat. I was happy for her; even though in the end, she didn’t win first. At that point, though, it didn’t even matter! I’m glad that the author recognized that Cat became a new person with new goals, and winning wasn’t necessary anymore. She accomplished so much for herself that just doing those things was winning.

Okay, okay, I know you are just bursting to discuss Mr. Matt McKinney. So, let’s get to it! I was let down just a little bit when I found out what Matt had said. I know it was really hurtful to Cat, but at the same time, he was talking to a bully from the 7th grade. I can understand how he was being stupid and pressured by an intimidating peer. I feel like 4 years may have been a little too long and a little too harsh to ignore Matt on Cat’s part. Nevertheless, the ending was just perfect! I love the fact that they ended up together, Best of all, they did in a realistic way. There wasn’t just one meeting where everyone apologized. Instead, they went through a lot of arguing, just like people in real life would do. Overall, I was really satisfied with the ending. Check out my last post to see discussion questions you talk about with your friends, and make sure you let me know what you though of the book!

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