Summer Craft – Summer Travel Journal

Summer Craft  - Make Your Own Travel Journal
Summer Craft - Make Your Own Travel Journal

Hey GirlMoguls it’s Daisy here, with the newest craft DIY project from our freind Ruby at  Summertime is road trip time and you can make your very own summer travel journal that will help you remember your summer vacation – even if it seeing just a giant ball of string!

“All About Me Summer Travel Journal”

Ruby’s Tool Kit: map, composition book, all purpose tacky glue, colored pencils, ruler, scissors, stickers 1. Summer is all about vacation. This travel journal is the perfect vacation accessory.

2. Repurpose an old map to make the cover of your journal. Pick a map that shows your travel route.

3. Cut & glue the map to the cover of the composition book. Add stickers & decorative drawings to the journal cover.

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Alone Time – Does it Make You a Loser

“What a lovely surprise to discover how unlonely being alone can be” Ellen Burstyn

Alone Time - Good for You or For Losers?
Alone Time - Good for You or For Losers?
Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Daisy here, with a post in our quote series – today, my theme is about solitude. You know being alone on purpose. It also means no TV, computer, internet or video games. I think some music and books are allowed, but if you really want to go deep into solitude, try just taking a walk in the park without your tunes, or sitting in the backyard or even in your room.
Does it sound like torture? I mean, why would anyone want to be alone. Well to get some peace and quiet, to let your brain really cook. For creative people being alone can really bring on the trippy ideas – or help solve problems (like the time I figured out to fix the creaky arm on my newest robot). Sometimes I just take 15 minutes at the end of the day, sit in my room with some music on low and just let myself zone. It totally balances me out at the end of a crazy day and I am totally ready to get a good night’s rest.
That’s why I picked my quote. When I take a little time for myself, to truly be alone, I really never feel lonely. I feel great, totally comfortable with myself. And I also find I am in a much better mood – and totally able to deal with other people and not um, let my natural snarkiness, I mean impatience come out. I mean Lily can totally tell when I haven’t had enough alone time. And she steers clear until I’ve had my 15 minutes of blissful peaceout.

So go ahead – try being alone – try it for 15 minutes. You can set your timer or your alarm, and I bet you’ll be surprised at how it feels – mean when was the last time you were ever deliberately alone…see what I mean…. You can let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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Quote of the Day – Write it Out

“Oh, so many things bubble up inside me… That’s why in the end I always come back to my diary. That is where I start and finish.”

Anne Frank – diarist

keeping a journal can help your feelings
keeping a journal can help your feelings

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Rose again.  Today we’re going to look at quotes about keeping a journal – as you know I’m a writer and I’ve always kept a diary ever since I could remember.  Well more than one, it seems like I am always filling them up and finding a new cute one to start fresh.

I picked this quote because that’s how I feel too.  I use my journal to help collect the bubbles.  I mean growing up is hard to do – so many things seem to happen, between friends, and school and family.  And then there are my emotions…It seems like I am having a new one every day.  So when things get really bad, I just turn to my journal and write about it.  Sometimes I write a few lines, and sometimes I write for pages – but whatever it is, afterwards, I always feel better.  And if I had a problem, usually I have figure out a way to solve it – just by writing about.

So if you want to start your own journal – you don’t need anything fancy – a simple notebook, even a marble composition book will do – you can decorate it with stickers or some wrapping paper or magic markers.  You can write in pen or paper, whatever.  You can write every day or once a week, or only when you need to.  You can keep your journal with you wherever you go, or you can keep it safe at home.  You can re-read your entries or never look at them again.  And remember they’re for your eyes only –so you can be honest, you can make spelling mistakes, you can even try writing in code.  Just start writing and you’ll see how much better you feel.

GirlMogul Rose
GirlMogul Rose


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Meet GirlMogul Daisy




Code Name: Daisy


Address: XX Weston Plaza Tower


Age: 12


Collected Data:

Family: Father is a computer scientist and researcher who consults for various companies.  Daisy’s mother is deceased.   No other siblings.  Daisy and her father live in the newest high rise in the center of downtown Weston.  Daisy goes to Weston City Academy.



Favorite Books: Manga comic books.  And online blogs and gaming sites.  Prefers the internet and her computer to reading.


Favorite Subject: Math.


Hobbies: Gaming.  Taking apart things and putting them back together. Writing compuer

In her words:



Your Hero: No one.


Someone from History you admire: Grace Murray Hopper – she wrote the first computer compiler.


If you could have lunch with anyone: No one.


Your favorite place: My room.


A place you would like to visit: NASA

What do you want to be when you grow up:   LEFT BLANK


Why do you want to help out with Weston’s Jr. Civic Pride Committee? My dad is making me.  Along with the school counselor.


Dr. Smith’s Comments: Obviously some issues with authority.  Unresolved feelings over her mother’s recent death.  Her test scores were extremely high, with a very strong mathematical and mechanical aptitude.  Her skill with computer programs and technology is needed on the team, but…

Abby’ Comments: She needs our help. I promise to work with her.  Let’s give her a trial period.