Making Computers Cool for Girls

An interesting article in CIO magazine titled Where have all the women gone, talks about how women are leaving the IT profession or not getting into it in the first place.  A variety of reasons, including the failure to get girls interested in computers (plus work/life balance issues, but since that’s in every career, I don’t think it’s particularly relevant).   It goes on to talk about while there are computer clubs, most things seemed to be geared towards boys, from the computer games to the way computing is taught (all male teachers, boring classes, etc).  The article suggests that to get more girls interested in computers that a greater connection needs to be drawn between computers and other areas – like making movies, designing cool websites, businesses, graphic design, even art, record making, etc – it’s way more than just boring old Power Point Presentations.


So in later posts we will provide more information more making computers cool for girls.  But for now – just to leave you with on thought.  It is widely believed that the first computer programmer was a woman, Ada Lovelace, who lived in the 1800s.  Read more about her here.  How cool is that?


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