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Tween Fashion Prepster Look
Tween Fashion Prepster Look

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s Daisy and I am back with more fashion tips – here’s how you can take those wardrobe basics or staples we talked about and mix and match them into a bunch of totally rad outfits.

  1. The White Tee – who said a white tee needs to be boring?  It doesn’t.  You can go simple by pairing it with jeans and a little cardigan, or if you’re going for a girly look, layer it under a tank dress and pair with leggings.
  2. The Jean Skirt – Artsy or Prepster – you choose.  To go for the artsy look, pair it with a printed top, ling cardigan and throw on a cute hat like a beret.  To totally prep out, tuck in a cute top, layer a cardigan or jacket on top and add in some knee-high socks – argyle preferred!
  3. Leggings – leggings get props for being totally versatile  that means you can wear them so many ways!  So pair them with cool boots, or as a layer under a boho inspired dress or skirt.
  4. There’s nothing plain about the plain tank – there’s a reason you will keep coming back to this piece over and over again.  Layer a spaghetti strap tank over a solid colored short sleeve tee or under a cute cardigan.