What are You Feeling?

Dealing with Tween Emotions
Dealing with Tween Emotions

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s Daisy here and I am back with my whole experiment on this feeling thing.  In my last post I wrote about keeping a feelings journal – either your own private notebook on your computer to help you learn how to deal with your moods  — like how to identify how different situations make you feel – including the ones that make your feel good and the ones that make you feel, well not so good.  I mean sometimes it seems like life is more full of downs than ups.

But when I started to think about all the different things that happen and writing about how they make me feel, I realized that there are just as many ups too.  I mean, sometimes, just hanging with the girls at the library, talking and working makes me feel pretty happy.   It’s not like I had to ace a test of win the Xeron Raiders virtual championship to feel good about myself.

Of course sometimes, you may be so down that you can’t see the up side.  In that case, just writing about your feelings might seem like you’re throwing a pity party for one – ouch.  So it can be better to actually talk to someone about how you feel.  But just like when you started to write them down – you wanted to make sure they stayed private, you’ll want to pick a good person to talk to.  And sometimes, well it just can’t be your friends.  You might need a more objective view – someone with a bit of distance and by that I mean older….and not always your parents…because c’mon you’re likely gonna have some “feeling’ about them…

Luckily the GirlMoguls have Abby who’s like a super cool big sister without being, well part of the family (and all judgy and worried about mom or dad).  Maybe you know someone like that too – someone older, but not too old, someone trustworthy you could talk to.  If not, here are a few tips for finding someone cool enough to talk to.

  • Who has given me support in the past
  • Who’s good at giving advice
  • Who do I feel comfortable sharing my feelings with?
  • Who do I trust with my innermost thoughts?
  • Who is sensitive and kind
  • Who really listens to me
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Feelings or How to Deal

Feelings Journal
Feelings Journal

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Daisy here and today I thought I’d write a bit about feelings – I mean after all we all have them.  Even me – sure I know I can be all tough on the outside, but really a lot of the time, I am just doing that to hide what’s going on inside.  And while you know I wouldn’t want to change me for the world – after all – who would point when Lily’s getting all super bossy – I thought maybe it was time to work a little on the inside…

Sometimes my dad likes to use weather words to describe my mood – stormy, changing.  She’s joking…I think, but sometimes I guess he”s right.  I can be pretty moody.  Just ask Lily.  So I wondered if there was anything I could do to help me, be well less moody.  So I did a little research and came across this great little exercise that I think will really help.

Ok, so first of all get out your secret notebook, journal, or pad of paper – or if you’re like me, you can use your computer (I like to put a password on my super private files – that no one can break in).
Now that you’re all set with a place to write stuff down, read through the following situations and think about if you’ve been in a similar situation – if you haven’t – use your imagination and think about what it would be like if you had:

  • Your teacher says, “I’ll have to call you parents if you keep doing poorly on tests.”
  • The boy you’re crushing on asks you to go to the school dance
  • Your dad or mom tells your sister how proud they are of her grades
  • Your mom tells you to go to bed, but your favorite tv show still has 20 minutes left on it
  • You wake up on Friday morning and find that school’s been canceled because of a monster snow storm
  • Time for gym class, and everyone, including you has to change in the locker room
  • A new friend says, out of the blue, “You’re so cool”
  • The ref makes a bad call against you at the biggest game of the season

You can set up up your mood journal this way






So take the time and go through any of the things that have happened recently – good and bad and write them down.  Next up will talk about ways to deal with the bad stuff – like stress, and how to make yourself feel super awesome even when things aren’t going your way….

Read more about this here…

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Latanna Stone – Girl Golfing Phenon, Part 1

GirlMogul of the Day: A Conversation with Latanna Stone

Latanna Stone - Girl Golfer
Latanna Stone - Girl Golfer

Hey GirlMoguls! It’s GirlMogul Lily here, and I had a really cool opportunity the other day. I got to speak to honorary GirlMogul of the Day Latanna Stone, and it was totally amazing! She was so down to Earth and lively, and I was really glad to hear that she was a just a regular girl doing awesome things, like I hope to be. She was also really friendly, and answered some questions for me. Below is a part of our interview, so make sure you stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon! GM is me, GirlMogul Daisy, and LS is Latanna Stone. She’s an amazing golfer at the young age of 8, and has won over 60 golf tournaments! Make sure to read more about her in the background post I wrote about her. So, here starts our interview:

GM: Hey Latanna. So when and how did you start playing golf?

LS: I started when I was 2 yrs old, and it was at my house. My dad gave me a broomstick, because he saw me swinging outside. My dad saw me swinging the broomstick, and said that that was a pretty good golf swing. So, I started playing golf!

GM: Did you enroll in classes and start training for golf?

LS: Well, I didn’t feel comfortable playing with boys. I was more comfortable with girls. So, I got a female teacher. Since then, I’ve had 3 girl teachers, and think I’m sticking with the one I have now. She’s really nice.

GM: What is it about golf that you love so much? What is your favorite part of the game?

LS: My favorite thing about golf is putting. Everything matters about putting. You can’t miss in short. Everything is important. I like golf more than other sports. I just want to stick with golf. I just want to win, have fun, and play.

GM: What has been one of the best opportunities you’ve gotten through doing what you love? What are some of your best memories?

Ls: Well, at the Eagles’ I made a hole in one. Yesterday, I made a birdie on the hardest hole in Miami. My dad started doing a dance in front of everybody because he promised he would! It was so great!

That was just half of my interview with Latanna! Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn some really quirky and fun facts about this 8 year old golf phenomenon!

GirlMogul Lily
GirlMogul Lily

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