The Ever Breath

We recently got a chance to read this book – EverBreath – it’s the story of twins Truman and Camille who are as different as night and day.  After their dad mysteriously disappears, they have to spend the holiday vacation with their grandmother while their mother works.  Their grandmother is an odd duck who hands them snow globes that immediately begin to reveal strange and unusual things.  As it turns out, Camille and Truman had a destiny that awaits in a magical other world – that is closely connect to ours.  And while they are no wizards, Camille and Turner are appealing characters – who also learn the being siblings is one of the tightest bonds you could have.  The book comes to a conclusion but also leaves room for a sequel – out in 2010.  If you like fantasy worlds and are jonesing for something to replace Hogwarts and the wizarding world, check out Everbreath.  [ReviewAZON asin=”0385737610″ display=”fullpost”]