The Future Belongs

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt



Good ole’ Eleanor had it right.  Without dreams, we’d be nowhere, but in truth, dreaming only gets us so far.  You have to couple your dreams – whether it’s the beach house, a college education for the kids, a house, or a trip to Disney with some work.  I am sure Mrs. Roosevelt was talking about the BIG dreams – world peace and all that, but it’s perfectly fine to have quiet, “ordinary” dreams. Sometimes just wishing for peace in your house or your neighborhood is peace enough. Dreaming of living in a better place often gives us the gumption to make it happen.  Dreaming of a bigger, “better” life – whether it’s getting to be more financially sound, finding a new job, starting a business, loosing weight, or climbing a mountain might seem “small” in the context of world events, but all it takes is for you to start making your dreams into your future, one small, meaningful dream to you and then you will see you have the power to make change on a grander scale.

So pick one of your dreams for the future – a simple, “small” dream, or a big “out-there” dream and go for it – and tell us about it so we can be your cheering section…

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Prom Movie Premiere- See It Here

Hey GirlMoguls – Our friends over at SweetyHigh, the cool social networking site for tweens were able to snag a spot at the red carpet premiere of Disney’s Prom Movie.  We couldn’t get there ourselves, you know (too busy saving the world) but we thought YOU might enjoy taking a look – check it out…

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Toy Story 3 Junior Novelization Review

this is a good book for tweens.  Toy Story 3 is one of the biggest movies out there this summer and if you have a fan, then read the book version featuring all of your favorite characters.[ReviewAZON asin=”0736427112″ display=”fullpost”]