DIY Project – Puppy Stylin’ Digital Camera Case

Girls, you have a new friend named Ruby here to show you some easy steps for a variety of DIY projects for your room, clothes, school locker and more. is a new destination web site created just for you. With materials readily found around the house, you’ll spend no more than $5 on each of these simple to make projects. Best thing yet, Ruby is all about her 3 R’s -reuse, renew, and repurpose – encouraging us all to be mindful of waste and challenging us to be eco-minded bffs.

MIR GirlMogul Ad 12_06_09v5Puppy Stylin’ Digital Camera Case

Ruby’s Tool Kit: plastic travel soap case, stickers, plastic party favor, all purpose tacky glue

1. Repurpose a plastic travel soap case and turn it into a fab digital camera case. It is the perfect holiday gift.
2. Use stickers as part of your design. Lay out the design first to make sure you like it.
3. I took this adorable plastic puppy watch that I got as a party favor and cut off the band & attached it with an all purpose
tacky glue to the lid.

Check out the pics below of the stylin case:

DIY Camera case
DIY Camera case

xoxo, Ruby

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