Meet the mysterious Dr. Smith

No Picture Available

Code Name: Dr. Smith

Address: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Collected Data:
Family: Little is known about the Mysterious Dr. Smith, despite the GirlMogul’s best efforts to find out more about her. They add more data as they find it, but they have little to go on. Here is what they do know:

Had a mother and a father. Father was a diplomat, mother was a scientist. Traveled and lived all over the world. Attended school in England and the United States. Appears to have a degree in science.

Age – unknown – her hair is light-ish brown, with some gray in it. Wears glasses to read. Always wears a pant suit with a silver pin with rubies in it.

Sometimes pictures of Dr. Smith turn up in old magazines – she is usually with someone famous – a president, a world leader, but she is never named in the pictures. She hasn’t seemed to age much.

Likes to read. Sometimes quotes Shakespeare. And Bob Dylan. We had to ask Rose’s mom about that one.

Favorite Books: Unsure.

Favorite Subject: Unsure.

Hobbies: None.

In her words:
Describe yourself: No data

Your Hero: No Data

Someone from History you admire
: No Data.

If you could have lunch with anyone: No Data.

Your favorite place: No Data.

A place you would like to visit:
No data.