DIY Your Own Green Peace Message Tee

Hey GirlMoguls – we have a great new DIY project from our friend Ruby at – A Green Peace Message Tee!  Check out this cool and enviro-friendly shirt you can make yourself – perfect to keep cool in the summertime.

“Green Peace Message Tee”

green_peace_message_teeRuby’s Tool Kit: plain tee, silk flower petals, fabric glue, scissors, needle & thread

1. Renew a plain tee with silk flower petals.

2. Using fabric glue & secure each petal. Start with a bottom layer.

3. For added durability use a needle & thread lightly stitching petals to tee. Leave the edges of the petals free for a cooler look:)

XOXO – Ruby – check out more great DIY crafts at