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Download the Back to School Survival Guide

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How to Ace A Test

How to Ace Any Test
How to Ace Any Test

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Poppy here.  I’m actually pretty good at taking tests, so the other GirlMoguls thought that I should share some of my best test taking tips with you before we all headed off back to school.

  1. Know you test – before the test, get as much information from your teacher as you can – like is it multiple choice, true/false, essay or short answer.  What topics or chapters will it cover?
  2. Study smart – sometimes we like to talk about how effective multi-tasking  can be – watching tv, texting, folding laundry, but well that strategy doesn’t work so well when you’re trying to study for a test – trust me – I’ve tried.  You actually spend less time studying if you get rid of distractions and just focus on studying.  So lose the email, the iPod and the cell and hit the books
  3. Don’t Cram – umm, you really don’t remember more if you try to fit in the entire Revolutionary War into night.  If you’re having a big test, repetition of smaller blocks of info is key.  Schedule study time every day leading up to the test – spend a small part of the time reviewing your last study session and the rest of the time on the new stuff.  Save the night before for a review session – not a cram session
  4. Get a study buddy – some people study better with other people – if you’re one of them then find a study buddy – quiz each other on vocab words or practice those word problems together
  5. Use flash cards – simple index cards can be a big help.  Write key concepts – the words, people or events on one side of the index card and on the other, put the facts or definitions.  Study the cards until you know the answers and then use the flash cards for a quick review quiz.
  6. Eat right and sleep well – yup a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast will make you smarter – at least on test day – so don’t skimp on either.

With these few GirlMogul Poppy tips – you’ll be acing just about any test that comes your way.

GirlMogul Poppy
Posted by GirlMogul Poppy

Summer Prize-a-Poolza


Win Amazing Prizes from
Win Amazing Prizes from

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s GirlMogul Daisy here, announcing our super-duper Prize-a-poolza!  To celebrate summer, we’re giving away a prize a week – super cool stuff like LipSmackers, iPods, cameras, books, sneakers, clothes, accessories….and other awesome things.   It’s simple to enter – just find the current contest, read the question and post an answer.   Winners will be chosen at random and we’ll notify you via email if you win….

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