Quote of the Day – Risk

“Risk!…Do the hardest thing on earth for you.”  – Katherine Mansfield

We’re featuring quotes from the best-selling The Girls Book…Series by Catherine Dee. Inspired to write books that would encourage and develop girls self-esteem, Catherine created a series of books featuring advice, wisdom and quotes for girls, focusing on areas like success, wisdom, self-esteem and friendship.  GirlMogul has partnered with Catherine to offer GirlPower Gift Kits featuring autographed copies of her books and other great stuff like journals, albums, pencils, and toys to inspire girls.  These make great elementary and middle school graduation gifts, or are simply a way to give a girl a gift that inspires her to reflect, dream big and grow strong in mind and body.

Browse all four (Wisdom, Success, Self-Esteem and Friendship) Here at GirlMogul

Quote of the Day – Self Esteem

"Self Esteem isn’t everything; it’s just that it’s the only thing." Gloria Steinem

The perfect thing to remember.  If you don’t love yourself, no one else .  And self esteem will keep you up when everything is going down.  Self-esteem is a daily thing – just because you have it one day, doesn’t mean it shows up the next day – it’s something you have to work on – at least it is for most of us.  Practice makes perfect and you can practice self-esteem – or at least fake it until you make it.

All this talk leads us to an exciting new product from GirlMogul – we’re proud to offer best-selling author Catherine Dee’s Girl Power Kits, featuring Catherine’s wonderful books containing quotes and inspiration for girls 8-12.   There’s even a special kit to encourage self-esteem, featuring the book "The Girl’s Guide to Life." Guess who’s a fan – no less than Ms. Steinem herself.  Click here to browse – these make great gifts.

Girl Power Kit