The Faintest Ink – Quote of the day

The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory – Chinese Proverb

I like this proverb because it reminds me to write everything down.  I make to-do lists.  Everyday i have a personal to-do list and a work to-do list.   My personal to do list can contain one time things – buy baby present for Jenn, to more mundane things – clean kitchen.  I know if I don’t write it down, it won’t get done – part of it is the satisfaction in crossing something off the list, even if it is something that has to get done like the kitchen, the other part is that putting it in writing creates a sense of urgency.

This particularly effective for work items, where I tend to prioritize things.  As a working mom and running a business I have to be very efficient in getting my work done so that there is enough time with the kids.  A list, though it may seem overwhelming to have 20 things on it, actually helps me to see what is important, what is fast and what will take a long time, allowing me to structure my day – perhaps I will be able to knock off five items in 10 minutes through an email question or a quick phone call.  Or I will realize that I need a block of time to create a presentation and that my afternoon will be the best time for it.

So girls, remember write down your to-do list – what doesn’t get done today gets moved over tomorrow.  Prioritize your list.  This will help you make time for the most important list of all — your dream list.

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Quote of the Day – Career

"For true independence you have to make a job, not just take a job" – Joline Godfrey – writer, business executive

Great reminder for girls of all ages.  To be truly independent, try defining your job into something that plays to your strengths and allows you to make it your own.  If you’re just doing your job, most likely you are not developing yourself or it into a critical part of the organization and you run the risk of becoming replaceable.

It’s important to tell our daughters that they can’t just expect a job to last a lifetime -most of us can’t expect that either.  We know things changes, economies, industries, even the very nature of our job description.  If we allow ourselves to be limited by just what is in our job, we run the risk of being  run over by those changes.  So by making a job and starting to define it to be better targeted to our interests and abilities allows us to show our strengths and develop unique attributes, and perhaps develop a unique job that only we can fill – thus helping to ensure that someone will always need us.  So go on, girl, start creating your unique, fulfilling dream job today.  Don’t be defined by the simpe job title "Accountant", instead try thinking more along the lines of "I am an accountant who specializes in helping small women owned business get on their feet and grow them." It might be the starting point to better defining a profitable niche to focus on and making a name for yourself, independently, rather that just being another "accountant". 

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