Latanna Stone – Part 2 – Girl Golf Phenom

Interview with Golf Phenom Latanna Stone Part 2!

Latanna Stone - Girl Golfer
Latanna Stone - Girl Golfer

Hey girls! Here’s the second part to my fun interview with golf star Latanna stone. In this part, I asked some fun questions about Latanna’s likes. Let’s see if some of her favorite things are yours as well!

GM: Do you like traveling?

LS: I travel all the time. I like traveling to different places. California, North Carolina, and Miami are some of the places I went to. In Miami, it was pouring!

GM: What are some of your favorite places you would like to visit?

LS: Thailand. I would love to go there! I love the food!

GM: What can you tell our readers about following their passion, like you are doing? What is something you love about your achievements?

LS: I won a lot of tournaments. Mostly, I love my player of the year award. But, I got them from following my passion. If a girl wanted to dance, I would tell her to try to dance. Try to take lessons, and make sure you try out what you want to do.

GM: What are some of the things you like to do in your spare time?

LS: I like to hang out with my friends, on Sundays or Fridays. I like to swim and one of my friend has a huge pool we swim in! I have 2 dogs, and I love them. One of my dogs is named Cinnamon Buns, and is an English bulldog, and the other is named Sandy and is a mutt. I like playing with them. When I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation, but I am still playing golf! I can’t get away from it!

GM: What is your favorite kind of food? How about your favorite book?

LS: My favorite kind of food is spinach dip! I just ordered it and I’m going to eat some right now. My favorite book is Captain Underpants- it’s so funny!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my interview with Latanna as much as I did. I found out we were really similar- we both like to just go for it and we both like that spinach and artichoke dip at some restaurants! Anyway, I hope Latanna does really well in her tournaments; I know we’ll be following her!