Why Feminists Hate Sarah Palin

That’s the title from the WSJ opinion piece…by a women.  Obviously it caught my attention – I mean Sarah Palin has opened the Mommy Wars in a whole new way (Hilary didn’t so much because her child is an adult – working motherhood for her had been hashed out it in ’96).  But Sarah Palin is the mother of 5 young children and so she is front and center in the debate.   According to this article, it quoted other columnists as fretting that Gov Palin was not a good role mother for working mothers because she does too much – 5 children, high profile job, and all without the help from government agencies.  Of course Sarah Palin has an ace in the hole – the support of her husband who is on a leave of absence from work.  This means he is stay at home dad, in case anyone was unclear.  Gov Palin also credits a strong network of aunts and grandparents.   The problem with this, some other Feminists have pointed out, is that this means she’s not advocating for maternity leave, universal pre-k or equal pay.  One the one hand Sarah Palin is great role model – she has managed to combine work and family…but because she is doing it on her help, she not feminist enough…

So is Sarah Palin a good role model for today’s girls – will they look at her and see the embodiment of having it all – or is she is bad for the feminist agenda of equal pay and more government support for working mother’s?

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The Chris Matthew's Hillary Clinton Flap – Are women still having trouble getting taken seriously?

So apparently Chris Matthew’s isn’t women friendly and has been called on it.  The flap stems over comments made on a morning news show that indicated he thought Hillary Clinton had only gotten to where she was (successful Senator and current presidential candidate), because of her husband’s infidelity.  It was a little unclear as to whether he meant it because of the notoriety attached to her (no such thing as bad publicyt) or because women felt sorry for her and where thus propelling her along.  Hmm – I guess he forgot that she is graduate of Wellesley and Yale Law School (not that these are the end all and be all, but hey – she might actually have a brain, you know). 

Other feminist leaders called for an apology, saying that Matthews has showed a pattern of sexist remarks when it comes to female politicians.  Matthews apologized, saying that he didn’t mean all of Senator Clinton’s accomplishments were due to her husband’s infidelity, just that some of her current popularity may have sprung from the whole Monica-gate. 

So, Chris – do you have a working wife – do her accomplishment stem from being married to you?  Would you say that even if you thought?  Perhaps it would be better for successful women to stay unmarried, so then no one could claim that they rode the coattails of a man?  Is that what you really meant to say?  For someone who makes his living talking you seem to have a hard time getting the message across.  Better luck next time saying what you mean.


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