White House Round Up

Hi GirlMoguls, It’s the White House Round Up for the week – satisfy your urge to know everything about our favorite White House residents, Malia, Sasha and Bo Obama – and their parents.

Bo the dog makes Beanie Baby debut- so the makers of Beanie Babies couldn’t get away with Sasha and Malia dolls, but it does look like they have gotten away with a new Beanie Baby – Bo the black and white dog. Ty, which makes Beanie Babies released the new Beanie Baby and it has been a best seller. A portion of the proceeds from sales of Bo are going to animal shelters.

President Obama – that would be Malia and Sasha’s dad, appears in a bathing suit and no top on the cover of Washington Magazine – hmm, while it’s cool and all that their dad is in good shape, we’re wondering how they REALLY feel about having the world see their dad ready for the beach…

The Obamas held a poetry jam at the White House on Tuesday night. The whole family got to enjoy a night of culture featuring music, poetry and the spoken along with actors and writers James Earl Jones, Michael Chabon and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Sasha and Malia woreblue jeans and (while MamaBama was all dressed up) got to stay up late to enjoy the show.

The White House Round Up – all things Obama

Hi GirlMoguls – it’s Daisy, with this week’s White House Round Up.

First Mom Michelle Obama joined other women in Washington to help unveil a bust of Sojourner Truth, a 19th-century former slave, abolitionist and women’s rights crusader. Sojourner Truth is the first African American women to be honored with a bust at the U.S. Capitol. It appears that Malia and Sasha were at school, so the First Lady was joined by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and actress Cicely Tyson, who re-enacted Sojourner’s most famous speech, from 1851, where she declared women’s equality to men by saying: “Look at me! Look at my arms! I have ploughed and planted and gathered into barns. And no man could head me! And ain’t I a woman?”

The First Family also hosted children form the Children’s Miracle Network at the White House. The young ambassadors got a tour AND a chance to play on Malia and Sasha’s NEW playground. How cool is that?

First Lady Michelle Obama also got to appear on Sesame Street with Elmo and Big Bird and some talking vegetables. Mrs. Obama stressed the importance of good nutrition and said that being on the Sesame Street has been her favorite thing to do since being First Lady.

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The Dog is in the White House

First Puppy Bo got his first walk on the White House lawns with his new family. He’s a fuzzy, cuddly looking guy, mostly black with little splotches of white on his paws. Bo got a walk around and posed for pictures. The whole family took turns hold the leash. Even though the dog is called a Portuguese Water Dog, he doesn’t know how to swim – yet. Sasha told the reporters that even Bo needs to be taught to swim. President Obama also joked that since the dogs are known for loving tomatoes, the First Lady had better watch out for her new kitchen garden! We bet that it could get messy. But I also imagine that Bo won’t be left alone for long! Malia and Sasha looked like they were having the time of their life with the dog.
But since Bo is still a puppy, they’ll need to take the time to train him properly so that he learns to behave and respond to commands. And since the name Bo sounds a lot like the word No (which gets used a lot when training a new puppy), the First Family might have teach Bo to respond to hand commands.

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First Daughters Round Up

So, it was a busy couple of days at the White House. Apparently the girls are finally, finally getting the First Puppy. He’s a 6 month old Portuguese Water Dog who the girls are naming Bo. They named him Bo in honor of their grandfather (on their mother’s side) who’s nickname was Diddley ( as in football star Bo Diddley). Bo the dog is a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy (from Massachusetts) who has lots of Portuguese Water dogs. These kinds of dogs are known to be hypoallergenic, which means they don’t cause anyone to sneeze. Malia Obama is allergic to dogs, so we hope she and Bo and Sasha get to hang out a lot.

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And on Monday the Obama family oversaw a White House tradition – the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll. While the First Family didn’t actually roll any eggs down the lane, the event was open to families who did. The Obamas did oversee the festival from a White House balcony. Besides the egg hunt, there was yoga, dancing, soccer, basketball and egg decorating. The First Family also read stories to the kids. Many of them got to shake hands with the President.. And Fergie sang the National Anthem! All of the Obamas were there, including First Grandmother Marian Robinson.

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