Amazing Scientific Skin Cream Experiment

GirlMogul Poppy
GirlMogul Poppy

Hello GirlMoguls! Since the last time we’ve talked, I’ve moved on in my skin care experiments…
Last week, my Grandma ordered this kit from It’s called the Spa Science Kit. It comes with all these great ingredients for me to make things with, and best of all I don’t have to go hunting around my house for something like lavender oil! Basically, the idea of the kit is to make spa products at home. It includes directions to make everything from bath fizz to face masks. The kit comes with ingredients like essential oils, sea salt dried roses, and baking soda. Also, there’s no need to set some crazy laboratory in your bedroom (like me!). The Spa Science package even comes with tools, such as pipettes, a muslin bag, and a test tube.

After reading the instructions over, I tried to decide what I should tackle first. Fragrances or bath fizz? Oatmeal banana foot scrub or strawberry salt scrub? I decided to start from the very beginning, like the booklet recommends: test out which fragrances suit you, and which do not. So, I jumped in the tub! You are supposed to sit in the tub, and put a few drops of an essential oil in the test tube, and then smell it. Afterwards, you rinse the test tube in the water, allowing the oil to sink into your bath, and then put different oil in the test tube. The booklet has a rating system for each of the oils, on order to determine which one you like best. My favorite was the lavender essential oil, because it was really relaxing. It wasn’t too strong; instead, it just made me feel calm. I also learned a few facts…did you know that humans can distinguish from over 10,000 odors? I thought that was something really interesting to include in an instruction manual.

My next project was moving on to the oatmeal banana foot scrub. I really thought it sounded funny, but the booklet said that the bananas help moisturize the skin and make your feet softer. Remember how I read that article about the properties of things like spinach and apples from my last post? It said apples had a similar property, so I thought to give this oatmeal banana concoction a try. I did, and it did work. The oatmeal in the scrub exfoliated my feet, while the banana made it soft. Plus, my feet smelled delicious afterwards! My next project is the strawberry salt scrub. Wish me luck!

I really enjoyed toying around with the science of spa products, and I hope you give it a try too! If you want to get this kit, here’s the link: Spa Science Kit from