Rainy Day Activities: Snail Mail!

Snail Mail is a great way to keep up with friends!
Snail Mail is a great way to keep up with friends!
Need something g new to do on a rainy day? Are you tired of watching TV shows and want something fun to do? Get out that dusty box of stationary, some glue, some paper, and some fun colored pens, because I promise you that snail mail is back in fashion!
Snail mail is basically mail sent through the post office. I know sending an email or IMing your friends is so much faster and easier (it’s instant, right?), but, how nice is it to come home to your mailbox and find a pretty package waiting for you, with your name on it? It’s a great surprise tog et after a long day of classes and drama! So, start writing to your friends. If you don’t have stationary, you can pick up a plain pack of 8 or 10 cards with envelopes from any book store or crafts store for usually about $4. Don’t go for the fancy stuff! You can provide your own personal touches without paying for someone else to think of any for you!
So, get out a card, and write a fun message to a friend in some funky pen colors. The message can be anything, from talking about your day, or an experience you had, to an inspiring quotation you’d like to share with her. Decorate the card with cut-outs, stickers, and even glitter. Make it something that you would like to open from the mail and be creative! Make sure that when you write out the address to your friend, include her name, her address, your name and address (in the upper left hand corner), and the right postage (usually 1 stamp for a small envelope).
Write a bunch of letters on a rainy day, and watch what you get back. It will be totally wroth it! You can even start a club of people writing snail mail to each other- you’ll have something to look for in the mailbox, which is always exciting to get!