Lily's Day 4 of Where does my Allowance go?

So today, I managed not to spend any of my money after all.  It helped maybe that I left it at home so I wasn’t tempted by anything.  Well I was.  There was a magazine I really wanted because it had a story about Hannah Montana on it.  But Daisy made fun of me, so I didn’t get it.   The Rose pointed out that I could probably go to the library to get it.  Well, it wasn’t there but one of my other favorites was, so I found out something.  You can take all but the current issues home with you.  I wound up taking like 7 different ones home, even ones I had never thought about before, including one about personal finance and starting your own business.  I thought it would be good research.

So today, according to my notebook, I still have $4.50 left for the week…
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