MiaMy Oh My – Design Your Own Jacket

Hi Girls, it’s daisy, the reluctant fashionista. When I saw the cool new MiaMy jacket – it’s a blazer you can decorate to make your own, I had to talk more with the person who invented. MiaMy founder Andrea Ann Kazanjian, was cool enough to answer some questions and host a giveaway. So read on for the Mia My story and see how you can in a jacket of your very own.

So, what is the Mia My Jacket – it’s a totally cool blazer that you can decorate yourself – using markers, paint, and other decorations. It’s designed to totally represent you!

How did Andrea come up with the idea for the Mia My Jacket? It all started 70 years ago, when Andrea’s grandmother (her Nana) created a stylish jacket. The jacket was unusual – and very special – because her girlfriends wrote positive messages all over it! She kept this jacket and eventually handed it down to Andrea’s mom, who passed it on to her. After looking around Andrea decided that tween girls could use a modern day version of Nana’s jacket, something they could decorate to inspire themselves. A jacket that would inspire them to be leaders and help girl to be the best they can be. These are all important lessons Andrea learned growing up – as an active member of the Girl Scouts and captain of the swim team.

So what would be on Andrea’s Mia My back when she was a girl? “For starters, the band New Kids on the Block would have definitely been written on my jacket…I loved that band. Swimming was an integral part of my life. Therefore, you can be sure there would be a drawing of a swim cap, goggles, and my team’s mascot on the jacket.”

And today? Andrea says, “I would have the word “Change” written all over the jacket. I believe we live in a world today that needs to embrace change. I would also have the words “Marathon Runner” on the jacket with a pair of running shoes. I’m a big fan of running and recently completed my first marathon to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation. This was an amazing journey and one that I would highly encourage girls to get involved in.”

So what was Andrea’s favorite thing she’s ever seen a girl do with the Mia My jacket? “I gifted the Mia MY Jacket to a close friend who’s battling cancer. This young girl wanted to find a unique gift that would provide a vehicle where her best friend could express herself creatively while collecting positive quotes from her girlfriends. She wanted to stimulate her individuality through creativity and fashion. The Mia MY Jacket was a hit!”

Thanks Andrea for those great answers and the story behind Mia My. You can visit the site at www.miamy.com. And f you want to win a Mia My Jacket, checkout our giveaway right here.

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How I Wish I had been a Girl Scout

GirlScouts ad.jpg

The above is a new ad for the newer hipper Girl Scouts.  I wrote about their image makeover yesterday and I thought I would spend a few posts exploring the Girl Scouts.

First off – I regret not being a scout – maybe it was all cooking and cookies when I was the right age, but it’s not any more.  The Girl Scouts are really promoting leadership and business skills.  They have partnered with Angela and Vanessa Simmons (daughters of Run DMC who is now a reverend) to promote business skills.  Here is their part of the site  so you can check them out for yourself.  Apparently, Run has an MTV reality show, Run’s House.  Sounds like the exact opposite of Meet the Osbornes (thank goodness).

Tomorrow – I’ll be looking at more of the Girl Scout programs and talking about them.  As always – anyone involved with the Girl Scouts – please post – I would love to know what you think about this new partnership with MTV reality TV stars – is it good or bad – is the show itself something that is inspiring and encouraging to girls?


The Girl Scouts get Hip

An interesting article in the WSJ by Ellen Byron about the Girl Scout’s image makeover.  They have hired a new chief marketing officer to help modernize the image of the Girl Scouts.  Apparently great things have been happening within the Girl Scouts in terms of the skills they work on – it’s not just cookies and campfires and they want they’re "brand" to reflect that.     Interestingly enough, the article says that the Girl Scouts found they were losing membership to non-activities – it wasn’t so much that girls were not joining (or re-upping) because they were too busy with other activities like sports, but that they were too busy with non-activities – like chatting, hanging out online and at the mall.  So the Girl Scouts will try to target this group – by making the programming more appealing to that age group, narrowing the age ranges within each troop – so the 8 year olds and the 14 year olds aren’t together, etc.

As a girl, I certainly thought the Girl Scouts were too domestic – campfires, cooking and sewing – blech, so I never joined.  I regret a bit now, though I don’t think not joining caused any irreparable damage.  But based on the things I have seen, I would definitely sign my daughter up when she’s old enough. 

I would be interested to know what other Girl Scouters (former, current, troop leaders) think of the new Girl Scouts and this move to "Shake things up." Post a comment below.

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