New Giveaway – Flair 4 All

Win a Flair 4 All decorating pack
Win a Flair 4 All decorating pack

Hey Girls – we have a super cool new giveaway that’s sure to light up your crib. We’ll be giving away a flair pack from that you can use to give your room a whole new look.   These are supper fun and adorable decals you can add to your walls – best of all, they won’t ruin your walls and they’re easy to take off if you decide to change your look.  So CUTE!  Anyway, to enter to win, just tell us what color you would paint your room if you could.  We’ll pick a winner at random and send them some wall flair – gotta love it!

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Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

DIY Holiday: Decorating Your Christmas or Holiday Tree!

Decorating, DIY Christmas Tree
Decorating, DIY Christmas Tree

Hey there GirlMoguls – tis the season and in case you were feeling a little clueless about how to get all gussied for the season, I thought I would give you a few handy-dandy tips to make this tree-decorating season a piece of pie. A Christmas tree is the universal symbol for Christmas time. It lights up our homes and reminds us that the holiday season is upon us. It’s by the tree that we keep all of our Christmas gifts for our family and friends. Decorating a Christmas tree is often a family tradition for some people. It can be a fun activity for all ages and a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. With Christmas only a few weeks away I am sure most of you are putting up your trees if you already haven’t done so. Here are some quick tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree and have fun while doing it.

Lighting– Before hanging any of your ornaments or garlands you should hang the lights on your trees. By doing so, you will have sections made by the lights on the tree to fill in with ornaments and other decorations. Lighting is the most important part of decorating a Christmas tree and there are a ton to choose from. Make sure you pick the lights that best go with your theme and the look you want for your tree. Lighting on a tree can make all difference in how your tree looks in the end. Make sure you have your parents to help you when decorating the tree with lights. Also, make sure to not plug in the lights until you are completely done decorating the entire tree.

Hey it’s Christmas, have some fun, go wild, use your imagination but always remember to be careful when placing decorations on the tree. You can use a theme for your decorations and get your decorations accordingly. You can also pick a certain color scheme and decorate the tree with those colors. Who said you can only have red, white and green for Christmas. Experiment with different colors and ideas for your tree.

Ornaments– When hanging the ornaments on the tree you can try any pattern or sort them by sections of the tree or just completely randomize the whole thing. There are different ornaments you can get depending on your theme or colors for your tree.

Remember to be different and be unique! I found some super cool ornaments that are handmade out of polymer clay from Dewy and Pat, who have a store on Etsy. You can find there page here– I thought the whimsical ornaments would add a fun touch to any tree! Have any cool decorating ideas? Share them here!

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Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

PopFlowers – the new way to make a bouquet

Hey GirlMoguls! It’s Daisy here, your DIY girl. You know I’m all about fashion (reluctantly) and DIY projects. I love adding my personal touch to anything, from mailboxes to clothes! So, I found this cute kit you can get in order to add your personal touch around the house. They are called PopFlowers, and basically include materials to make a personal, handmade bouquet. You can put them anywhere, from a parent’s office desk to your kitchen table to your hair as a cute accessory!
What I liked about this kind of project is that there is something unique about it/ They are not just pieces of paper you put together to look like a flower. They are very stylized, which is why they’re called PopFlowers. They ar e inspired by 1960’s pop art and artists like Andy Warhol. The flowers look whimsical and fun, which makes them a great looking present or accessory. I totally love the style, and think you will too. The kits are also affordable, as the prices start at $17.99.
These kits let you make your own eco-friendly no maintenance bouquet from die-cut stems. They even customize orders so you can make your dream flower! You don’t have to water them, or give them sunlight. They’re everlasting all on their own. I decided I can use the versatility to put them on my school pens, and chain them together to decorate my room. Check them out at

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GirlMogul Daisy Profile


Code Name: Daisy

Address: XX Weston Plaza Tower

Age: 12

Collected Data:

Family: Father is a computer scientist and researcher who consults for various companies. Daisy’s mother is deceased. No other siblings. Daisy and her father live in the newest high rise in the center of downtown Weston. Daisy goes to Weston City Academy.

Favorite Books: Manga comic books. And online blogs and gaming sites. Prefers the internet and her computer to reading.

Favorite Subject: Math.

Gaming. Taking apart things and putting them back together. Writing compuer

In her words:


Your Hero:
No one.

Someone from History you admire: Grace Murray Hopper – she wrote the first computer compiler.

If you could have lunch with anyone: No one.

Your favorite place:
My room.

A place you would like to visit:

What do you want to be when you grow up:

Why do you want to help out with Weston’s Jr. Civic Pride Committee?
My dad is making me. Along with the school counselor.

Dr. Smith’s Comments:
Obviously some issues with authority. Unresolved feelings over her mother’s recent death. Her test scores were extremely high, with a very strong mathematical and mechanical aptitude. Her skill with computer programs and technology is needed on the team, but…

Abby’s Comments:
She needs our help. I promise to work with her. Let’s give her a trial period.