GirlMogul Lily Profile


Code Name: Lily

Address: XXXX Quailwood Trail, Weston.


Collected Data:

Family: Father is a law school professor. Mother is a banker, commercial lending. Older brother in high school. Lily attends the local middle school. Live in suburban development, colonial style new house. Parents moved to Weston based on jobs after graduating from Law School and Business School. Mother volunteers on local community service boards and father coaches the field hockey team.

Favorite Books: Lily prefers magazines. GirlMoon, Inc Magazine, and National Geographic Kids, though wouldn’t be caught reading it in public. Also likes Teen.

Favorite Subject: Doesn’t have one. Does moderately well in all subjects. Slightly better at math than English. Excels in leadership positions for after school activities. Dance Organization Committee, Community Service Club, Environmental Club.

Hobbies: Talking to people, helping others through various programs, field hockey team, watching movies with her mom. Having discussions with her dad.

In her own words:
Describe yourself: Lots of people describe me as outgoing. My mother says I can talk to anyone about anything and it’s true I guess, I always just like talking to people and making new friends, even if it’s just for a little while, like in the line in the grocery store. My mom says I get it from dad, since he’s a lawyer, he’s always talking, while arguing kind of, that’s what lawyers , and law professors do, they talk a lot. But mom is also pretty friendly. She always has a smile; she’s pretty tall and walks like a queen. You notice her when she walks down the street and people kind of what to be around her.

I live in Bird section of Weston. I call it that because all the streets are named after birds. It’s a pretty new house. We moved there after my mom got the promotion at the bank. It’s closer to the work for both my mom and dad, which is nice because now they’re both home for dinner most of the time – if we’re not out doing something, like practice or at a meeting. My parents take me lots of places with them – they say this is how I will get a taste of the real world and how to act around adults. Sometimes my mom will take me to visit her clients on the weekend – local businesses and stores – just to check up on things. I love learning about all the different things people make and sell, really it’s just fascinating.

I like to hang with my dad too, sometimes I go to his office and hang out while he meets with students. Or I get to read or play on the computer while he’s writing an article or lecturing. I like the university – most everyone is young and cool and you get to see some pretty interesting outfits and hair dos. And everyone is always excited about something.

I am usually excited about something – I love working with after school clubs, like the environmental club and the helping seniors club. We plan projects – a lot of times, I get to plan the projects and we all work together to make them happen. And I was thinking of starting a young entrepreneur’s club at school. An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business and kids can do it to. Actually I did take over the school store and I increased sales by 100% in just a month (it was my smart marketing – I made new flyers and ran great sales). I really like running the store, taking the money and figuring out what we’re going to sell. I totally think we need to update all of the notebooks and pens we sell – who wants boring black when you could have flowers and patterns?

Anyway, I am also trying to make things better, I mean better, how I see it. But I listen to other people to. But usually I am right.

Your Hero: My parents. And the whole Obama family

Someone from History you admire:
Madam CJ Walker – she was the first female millionaire in America.

If you could have lunch with anyone:
Malia and Sasha Obama – at the White House of course.

Your favorite place:
The family room

A place you would like to visit: New York City. And Washington, DC. So much seems to be happening there.
What do you want to be when you grow up: An entrepreneur. Or a lawyer. Or the president. I am open to any of those.

Why do you want to help out with Weston’s Jr. Civic Pride Committee?:
I think it’s a great way to get involved in celebrating our founder and the history of Weston. I feel like I could really help organize things too.

Dr. Smith’s Comments:
An excellent leader. Very intelligent (if not book smart, certainly street smart). Has a good way with people. Seems like true leadership material.

Abby’s Comments:
Sounds like Lily totally rocks – love all the things she’s involved with. Super friendly and has a way of making people feel at ease.