GirlMogul of the Day – Dayna Steele – How to Rock Your Way to the Top

Dayna Steele
Dayna Steele
So what can girls learn from some of the hardest rockers in the business? Dayna Steele, an award winning rock station DJ, takes us on a wild ride through show business to prove to us, that at the end of the day, being a rock star is more about being a good business person than anything else.

Dayna Steele ruled the airwaves in Dallas, DJ-ing a popular rock radio show. Her legions of fans named themselves the “Steelworkers” and she got to meet and interview some of the legends of rock and roll, like Gene Simmons from KISS, Sting and many others. Over the years, she got so many questions about what it took to become a rock star that she decided to write a book revealing all she knows. The book, Rock To The Top – What I Learned About Success From The World’s Greatest Rock Stars is a great ride through rock and roll.

The book is a quick read, and has some great lessons for just about anyone. Even though it’s about rock and roll, this book isn’t about becoming a star. The focus is on using some of the principles that great bands have used to help anyone get ahead in any business. As it turns out becoming a true rock star (rather than a one hit wonder) takes a lot of good old fashioned hard work. With catchy titles like “I love Rock and Roll” and “Why Yes, I am A Rock Star,” Dayna equates real world principles like passion for your work and confidence to both the inner and outer game of success. While you won’t get any quick tips on how to win American Idol, you will get a fun and rollicking ride through the lessons we all know, but often forget – there are no shortcuts – in life or in Rock and Roll.

Dayna was kind enough to sit down and talk with the GirlMoguls more about the book and her outlook on life. She’s a passionate believer in helping others, especially girls succeed. In addition to being a DJ, Dayna started an online space store – where you could buy just about everything related to outer space except for the space ship. After she successfully built that company she sold it and turned her attention to her newest venture – Smart Girls Rock, an online community and store that aims to make smart the new cool for girls. We think this totally rocks and loves how Dayna (a mother to three boys) is out there making the world a better place for girls.

So Rock On Dayna and thanks for talking to us!

Quick Picks- cool stuff we learned from and about Dayna

Dayna loves Captain Kangaroo
Current Rock Star Faves:
The Jonas Brothers
Miley Cyrus for her relationship with her patents
Dayna Admires:
Bono – for being a Rock Star humanitarian
David Lee Roth of Van Halen Fame –for being a NYC EMT (Emergency Room Technician) in his spare time
Gene Simmons – KISS singer and Family Jewels star – businessman and father extraordinare
Cool Chicks
Michelle Obama – for her parenting skills and how she’s handling the White House and keeping it real for the First Daughters
Danica McKeller (Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years) – Went to college, studied math and has written two books on how to make math cool

Dayna also travels across the country giving talks to schools, youth groups and other organizations – and with her storehouse of rock and roll stories, you know you wouldn’t be bored. You can learn more about her speaking here.

Dr. Smith’s Note to Parents: While the book is probably best suited to the older teeen, college student, recent grad or any career woman looking for a leg up in the business world. Dayna includes some fun pictures from her rock and roll days and if you’re ok with a spoof of the famous Demi Moore Vanity Fair pregnancy shot (you know the one), the book is perfectly acceptable for just about any age.

Moms – you can read more about Dayna on the GirlMogul Mom Blog

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Molly O'Hare – tween Presidential Historian

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Hey GirlMoguls – check this out. We’re nominating Molly O’Hare as the GirlMogul of the Day! She’s only 10 years old and she’s already a Presidential Historian – and it took her only 2 days to learn everything about all of the President’s pets. Next up she’s learning all of the Kings and Queens of Spain and she’s writing a PLAY! How cool is that? Props to you. You can see Molly on the Today show by clicking on the video above.

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Gloria Steinem – Just Who is SHE?

First Ms. Magazine Cover
First Ms. Magazine Cover
Hi Girls – the other day I posted a cool quote I found by Gloria Steinem. When I talked to the other GirlMoguls about though, they had no idea who she was – can you believe it! So I thought I would give you all a quick little bio on Gloria Steinem – feminist rabble rouser.

Gloria Steinem is a leader in the feminist movement, in addition to being an activist, journalist, writer, and icon. She was born in 1934 in Toledo, Ohio. She graduated high school and went on to attend Smith College. Afterward, Steinem worked as a freelance writer for various publications. In the 1960s, Steinem became one of the founders of the ever-popular New York Magazine. In the magazine, the she wrote a highly controversial article where she went undercover into the Playboy mansion and then reported on the unfair and cruel treatment towards women. This article and the magazine put Steinem on the map.

Steinem went on to start Ms. Magazine, the culmination of women’s interest reading. She became politically active and has been involved in every political election since 1968. In 1971, Gloria Steinem along with other feminist leaders founded the National Women’s Political Caucus, a major source for the voice of female concerns in the government. At the caucus, she made the “Address to the Women of America,” a speech which is now seen as one of the most poignant and great speeches of the last century.

Gloria Steinem is seen as one the faces of the feminist cause, and a true icon. She continues that work today.

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GirlMogul of the Day – Brownie Wise

Tupperware Unsealed.jpg

Brownie Wise was the first women to appear on the cover of BusinessWeek in 1954.  Who was she? The genius behind taking Tupperware from just another good idea to a cultural phenenomon.  Brownie Wise was a divorced, single, working mom who made extra money selling cleaning supplies through home parties – gatherings of friends and friends of friends.  She saw Tupperware (invented by Earl Tupper) and realized that the reason it wasn’t selling was because people – women, needed to see it to believe it…So she started selling Tupperware through house parties, eventually getting noticed by the inventor himself.

He invited her to become a Vice President and she focused on marketing and building up the direct sales, home party avenue for sales – and the rest is history.  Tupperware went from obscurity to a cultural icon.  As for Brownie, she managed to become a celebrity in her own right, throwing parties, being hailed by the media, and of course appearing on BusinessWeek.  She was lauded for giving housewives an opportunity to gain some financial freedom while still being able to “stay home.”

Eventually her celebrity caused a rift with company founder Earle Tupper and he uncermoniously fired her.  She was given one year’s severance and walked away with nothing else…. She never saw to it she got any equity.  Somehow her acumen and notoriety never really translated into a successful act.  I haven’t read the book – Unsealed, but reviews and press seem to indicate that it has a lot more information about that part of the story.

So Brownie Wise -pioneering GirlMogul of Her Day – just goes to show that you can do quite a bit without leaving the house.

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