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Hi all,  I thought I would take a moment to update you on some great things that are happening at GirlMogul.   As you can see we tweaked our logo a little bit to be more reflective of our greater mission – encouraging successful girls, and that we are branching out beyond t-shirts.  More on that later!

But I’d like to invite you all to take a quick survey to help us gather some market research. The link is here.  It will take 5 minutes – not even and will greatly help us with some of our upcoming designs.  And best of all – if you include your email address, you’ll be eligible to win free GirlMogul goodies!

So thanks for all your help and have a wonderful, empowering day!

Quote of the Day – Attitude

"Attitude will take you furhter than talent." Various

How true this. And how important to teach our daughters.  We teach our girls that practice makes perfect, study hard, and make sure to cross all the t’s and i’s.  Women are very talented at many things – it makes us great support people.  But do we ever give any thought to how we do our work – with a smile, or a grim determination.  Do we let dark thoughts intrude upon our work and plans and derail us?  Sure we do – and that’s why we should think almost as much about how we’re doing something as we do to how well we’re doing it.

A smile goes a long way -like for a boss who notices that the "difficult" project was completed – not without a fuss – but with a can do attitude.  Just remember, DON’T forget to toot your own horn.  A positive attitude means no complaining, not no self-promotion.

So good luck – and have a wonderful day.

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Quote of the Day – Dreams

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." – Eleanor Roosevelt

This is one of my favorites – both the lady and the quote. So believe in your own dreams – no matter how small or how large.  You have to keep believing and keep moving forward. Take small steps – whether it’s writing it down, talking to someone, sending an email, practicing, reading a book, or doing a litte bit of internet research.  Imagine your dreams in vivid color (no room for black and white here).

Good Luck!

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Quote of the Day – Happiness

"Happiness is not the destination, it’s the journey." – Various

 Many people have said this, but it does bear repeating, in the midst of everything.  We don’t ever really know what the destination is in life – we may think we know, but we don’t – it changes on us, we change it. So it’s really about the taking time along the way, every day to be happy.  A friend of mine mentioned that everyday she takes the time to write down what’s she thankful for and instantly she feels better.  I was compelled to try it myself, after a particularly bad day.  Some of the things that made my list:

I was happy my son’s fall down the stairs resulted in nothing more than a few tears

I was happy my children were healthy.

I was happy to be able to have a quiet late night dinner with my husband

I was happy to live in my house

I was happy for the opportunities that await me out there

The list went on, but even now as I write those things, I feel better about my day already – just remembering some of the things I should be grateful for.

So – have a happy day…

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