Future Engineers

I came across this interesting article in the WSJ: Reading, Writing and Engineering about an engineering program that is being taught at the elementary school level.    The "…effort is being spurred, in part, by concerns that in math and science, American students are falling behind other countries — particularly such industrial competitors as Japan and South Korea."

The program focuses on getting kids to practice real world theory – making play-doh in a "scientific fashion" as opposed to teaching theory.  The article focuses on the corporate sponsorship (or self-interest) aspect of it and says that proponents are awaiting a release of a study this year to assess the impact of teaching engineering using these different methods. 

I wonder if the making play-doh really does equate to a higher interest in chemical engineering, or does it just wind up as "The time we got to make play-doh in class."

Any teachers or parents out there who have experience in a hands on science teaching program and the impact,if any, it had on the kids?


Encouraging math and science skills in girls…& help them make more money?

Some thoughts on an interesting article in the WSJ about the diversity gap in America’s workplace.  So while this election year is shaping up to be very diverse, apparently the same old story abound in corporate America – less women and minorities, especially in the upper tiers.
The article notes that women still make 77% less than men (for every dollar) and that there are many well document and not so well documented theories to account for that:  Women take time off to raise families and care for aged parents, thus never achieving he continuous experience level of men of comparable ages and education levels, or they don’t demand raises with the same frequency as men, or they don’t train for the high paying jobs in the same levels as men.  
Old news.  What is new news is this: “The wage gap persists among young women who have more education than men their age. Last year, 45% of women ages 25 to 34 had a college degree, compared with 36% of young men. But women’s median earnings overall were 14% lower, according to an analysis of recent Census Bureau data by Timothy Casey, a senior staff attorney at Legal Momentum, a New York advocacy group. Again, the gap may partly reflect that far fewer women than men major in engineering, business and other fields leading to high-paying jobs. Still, it is a reminder of how girls need to be encouraged to recognize their math and science abilities.” (From the Carol Hymowitz WSJ article.
So girls, glad we’re on the right trend here at GirlMogul.  Tell your girl that education is key and that math and science are great subjects.  If there is ever, ever a spark of interest in math or science, let your girl pursue – the Math team is just as good as the dance team.  And don’t forget to teach them to stand up for themselves – – from how much they’re going to earn for a baby sitting job to getting extra help for homework.

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Four things to do with your Money

So girls, there are really only four things you can do with your money, whether you have one dollar or a hunded.

1. Save – the obvious one.  This means you put the money away someplace (in the drawer, in a standard savings account) and you don’t touch unless for carefully considered reasons – the rainy day has finally come.

2. Spend – the second obvious choice.  Most of us need to spend some of the money we have, for necessities like food, shelter, etc.  It’s figuring out what the difference between a need and a want that you’re classifying as a need that makes the difference in how much you spend and have left over. So the more you can control your spending, the more you will have left over for everything else

3. Invest – this is money that you haven’t spent, or saved.  Here you are going to take some risk with the money.  You’re going to spend a little money in hopes to make money.  Some investments are safer than others.  For instance some bank accounts pay a higher interest rate than others, but may not be secure.  However, you might also decide to invest in a company, through the purchase of stock.  You buy 1 share for say $10 and you hope that the share price will go up, to say $11 – thereby giving you a 10% return on your investment. 

However stocks are risky and sometimes the share price might go down to $9 and you have less money than when you started.  So it’s important to invest with money that you don’t need – after you have spend for your necessities and put some aside for the "rainy day".

You might also decide to invest more directly in your own business. For instance you may decide to start a babysitting service. So you invest $10 in printing up fliers and post cards in the hopes that you will get several clients who will pay you more than $10 for your services.  That would be your profit as a result of your investment.  Your profit can be used how you wish – Spend it, Save it, or invest it again…

4. Give it – that’s right – sometimes, girls it is better to give than to receieve.  Somehow the money we give seems to come back to us in some other form  – the great cosmic rule of the universe, I guess.  So if there is a special cause you would like to support, don’t be afraid to share some of your cash with them – just make sure you have covered your spending needs and your saving needs first!  And – please lending money to friends isn’t exactly charity – it’s called borrowing – and they should pay you back!

 So four different ways to spend your money – what’s the best way to stick this plan.  Take 4 jars or a box or something and divide it into 4 different compartments.  Mark it spend, save, invest and give and divide up your money among the 4 buckets.  You don’t have to divide it evenly, in fact saving just 10% of your income can make you rich in the long term – that’s $1 out of $10, as long as you don’t spend that dollar.  From the save dollars, you might want to allocate half of that to investment purposes.

To help with your spending – sometimes we need little things on a regular basis, and sometimes we want something bigger – like a new shirt or shoes.  Make a list of the bigger items you want. Cut out a picture of it and put it on a jar to motivate you to save for it.  Put some of your money towards those everyday expenses and something towards the thing you really, really want. Paying for it yourself, in cash will feel great.

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Meet Lily — GilrMogul's Money Chick

Hi, my name is Lily.  I live in suburb of Carson City with my Mom who is a real estate agent and my Dad who works at a bank.  He travels a lot for work, so during the week, it’s mostly me and my mom.  And my Auntie who watches me if my mom needs to run out and meet with a client.  I’m 11 and I go to the Carson Heights School.  Mostly I like school.  I like Math better than history or reading, but every subject is ok.  Sometimes I just don’t understand what all these stuff in books has to do with everyday life.
I mean my mom loves to read, but I don’t see her reading textbooks.  My mom says I have to do well in school so I can go on and be something someday. Not sure I get what being something.  I mean what do I want to be?  
Abby says not to worry, that I will figure it out, and that being a GirlMogul will help me figure it out.

Stayed tuned.  Abby says I am going to have some homework to write more about. She says it will be fun and I will like it.  Ha – we will see. I am going to go read a magazine.

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