Bobbing 4 Apples Halloween Party Display

Halloween Letters on Apples
Halloween Letters on Apples

Hey GirlMogulsĀ  – if you’re going to be playing that Halloween favorite game, bobbing for apples, here’s a cool display to set up next to it, from our friend Ruby at
“Bobbing 4 Apples Halloween Party Display”

Ruby’s Took Kit: poster board, scissors, toothpicks, glue, paint,
brushes, glitter, apples
1. Draw and cut letters out of poster board.
2. Paint, glitter or decorate, your letters. Glue toothpicks on the
back side of the letters sticking beneath the bottom edge.
3. Stick the toothpick into the top of each apple. It makes for a
yummy table display and the perfect snack for after your Halloween

Halloween Scavenger Game

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Craft
Halloween Scavenger Hunt Craft

Hey GirlMoguls! Our friend Ruby from has another cool Halloween theme\d craft for us to enjoy. So check out this cool scavenger game – perfect for those Halloween parties!

“Halloween Scavenger Party Game”
Ruby’s Tool Kit: cereal box 4 the tombstones, tissue box for the base,
skeleton bones (one complete skeleton per guest)

1. Place tombstones at different locations at your party. Each grave
holds one of the bones needed to complete a skeleton.
2. Ask guests to find and collect a bone at each location. After your
guest have collected all the bones have them decorate them with paint,
glitter and jewels.
3. Hang them as a decorations or give them as a party favor.