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Hey GirlMoguls, it’s all of us here and we’re kicking off our new quote series.  You see, we totally believe in the power of a good quote to totally make your day.  When someone said it first, it sometimes sums up everything you’ve been thinking way better than you could say it yourself.  While Daisy thinks spouting off quotes can make you sound pretentious, Rose thinks that it shows you’re a literate and intelligent young woman.    What we do agree on is that a good quote can really get you thinking – so, without much more ado, we’re going to start our quote series – we’ll pick a quote and then one of us will write about what it means to us – and you can feel free to agree or disagree, because, that’s the beauty of a quote.

“It’s so quiet in the early morning darkness…Then the sun breaks…Fingers of light on the horizon…I just want to start singing of shout “Glory Hallelujah”

Nora Warren – Sailor….

A New Day – our first theme is about the dawn of a new day.

Hey, it’s Rose here and I picked this quote because it reflects my new ‘tude on living in the country.   Each and every day is special. It may not seem like it, especially if you have a huge test, can’t decide what to wear or feel like you have nothing to do, but in reality, each morning is a new chance for you to shine, to have a great day, to make a difference.  So we’ll be looking at quotes related to beginnings.

As you know, I am a transplanted city gal, and to be honest, I am not sure I ever really noticed the sunrise.  Or the morning.  New York may be known as the city that never sleeps, but that’s not really true.  People like to stay up late and sleep in.   Trust me – just try and get brunch on the Upper East Side on a Sunday morning – everyone is just waking up and super grumpy.  Really.   But since I live out here on the farm, with a window that faces the east (where the sun rises), I have a new, um, appreciation for the morning.  And while I have never gotten up and shouted to greet the sun, I do like to sit up in bed and see the morning light push out and up over the tree break at the far end of the field and spread its warmth across the farm.

I like to take a moment, do my yoga breaths and think about the day ahead.  Sometimes I even check my little handy dandy to do list and see what I want to get done that day.  That way I don’t feel like I am going to forget something.  In the quiet morning time, I also think about my good habit for the day.  Like I am going to remember to be polite to my mom, or extra patient with Sam, my brother.

And then I am ready to go off and start the day – and you know if you get up early, you can get a lot more done – sometimes I do a little yoga, sometimes I read – and I am always the first in the shower – so there’s plenty of hot water.  By the time I am ready for school, I feel like I have done half the things on my to do list.  So there you go, welcome sweet dawn.

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