DIY Nightstand: Say GOOD NIGHT to Expensive Furniture!

Okay, GirlMoguls, now I know most of us are not Bob the Builder, but that does not mean we have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive furniture from stores. Since we can’t make furniture out of scratch materials, we just have to improve what we can have. I have some tips to make a cheap buy an expensive looking piece that also WORKS just as well as the pricy stuff. Today, I’m going to spruce up a nightstand for you!
You Need: 1 Canvas and Metal Nightstand, Assembly Required ($39.99 from Bed, Bath, and Beyond; comes in 3-drawer styles or 5-drawer styles in 4 different colors)
Fabric Paint (any colors you want)
Fabric Glue
3 Pieces of Cardboard, cut to fit the underside of the drawers

Directions: 1. With a parent’s help, assemble the basic frame of the nightstand, which includes screwing together the frame to the metal shelves.
2. Remove the canvas drawers from the box. There should also be canvas boards to push down into the drawers (for structure), but we will get to those in a minute.
3. Take the colored fabric paints of your choice and paint your design onto the front of each drawer. Allow them to sit out and dry. (I chose gold paint because my drawers are black)
4. Once the paint is dry, open the drawers. They should be flimsy, but we’ll fix that. Take the canvas square piece, and cover one side of it completely with fabric glue. Push the glue covered side down into the drawer, and press firmly. This will not only insure that the square provides support for the drawer, but also will ensure it doesn’t move around or pop off.
5. Before finishing, take the cardboard pieces you cut out to match the shelves and place one on each shelf underneath the drawer. Secure with duct tape (underneath the cardboard piece so the tape doesn’t show). This will stop the drawer from stalling when you try and pull it out of the shelf.
6. And voila! You now have a personalized, long lasting, and amazing looking piece of furniture for an affordable price!

Check mine out here:

DIY Project - Make Your Own Nightstand
DIY Project - Make Your Own Nightstand


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