Meet GirlMogul Daisy




Code Name: Daisy


Address: XX Weston Plaza Tower


Age: 12


Collected Data:

Family: Father is a computer scientist and researcher who consults for various companies.  Daisy’s mother is deceased.   No other siblings.  Daisy and her father live in the newest high rise in the center of downtown Weston.  Daisy goes to Weston City Academy.



Favorite Books: Manga comic books.  And online blogs and gaming sites.  Prefers the internet and her computer to reading.


Favorite Subject: Math.


Hobbies: Gaming.  Taking apart things and putting them back together. Writing compuer

In her words:



Your Hero: No one.


Someone from History you admire: Grace Murray Hopper – she wrote the first computer compiler.


If you could have lunch with anyone: No one.


Your favorite place: My room.


A place you would like to visit: NASA

What do you want to be when you grow up:   LEFT BLANK


Why do you want to help out with Weston’s Jr. Civic Pride Committee? My dad is making me.  Along with the school counselor.


Dr. Smith’s Comments: Obviously some issues with authority.  Unresolved feelings over her mother’s recent death.  Her test scores were extremely high, with a very strong mathematical and mechanical aptitude.  Her skill with computer programs and technology is needed on the team, but…

Abby’ Comments: She needs our help. I promise to work with her.  Let’s give her a trial period.